New Year’s Eve in the Duna Palace

Zrínyi Palace, located in the heart of the city center, in the middle of the party district, opened its doors again this year on New Year’s Eve! It was a great honor for me to entertain the general public with my music in this wonderful palace.

Once a year, on this famous day, the exclusive club welcomes only those who want to party, so it is a really special place, which has provided lush entertainment for the nation’s elite, high-ranking citizens and politicians for hundreds of years.

Before the class struck midnight, I took over the DJ counter from Beatricks, and then we entered the New Year with a joint countdown with the party members! After a toast and New Year’s greetings, the dance floor re-ignited in a matter of moments. The audience captivated me too, along with the dancing, partying crowd, I also enjoyed every moment of the night. After my set, Magonyi L. entertained the high-earners, and then Marta Vendrey closed New Year’s Eve with her music.

The striking Baroque wonder, the Zrínyi Palace, closed its doors again, hiding the secrets of the night behind the walls. Thanks to Flyerz Magazine for the invitation, it was a great experience to play music at Zrínyi Palace!

I wish you a Happy 2017 Everyone, make your dreams come true!

In addition to the DJ counter, DJ FEREE also spoke from the speakers in front of the Danube Palace, ie we entertained the people of the street (also) with a pre-made mix, 90% of whom were foreigners. It was a very interesting and exciting challenge. Below you can hear how I managed to implement this (Well, a little lighter version of it is good)? ! The best electronic music of today and tomorrow, nearly 30 top hits a little differently – condensed into 1 hour! Half an hour Pop will roll away the medicine… Are you curious? Click!

Radio Spot: P-Földi Betty

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