Projection at weddings is popular nowadays! More and more couples want to surprise their guests on the Big Day. The newlyweds want their guests to be part of the story of how these two people ended up connecting their lives. This is the „walk of life” film, but your video can be about dating, childhood, friends, or anything else.

In the world of smartphones, we can take top quality photos and videos of every moment worth remembering, so projection on the Big Day is very popular.

* When should we watch the video?

In my opinion, we should not plan to watch the video in the middle of the night when everyone is dancing. At the time, it is better not to interrupt the party. I think the best time is before or -after dinner maybe during or -after-cake.

After dinner, before the party, you can show the video to fire up the evening or show it to the guests while eating the cake. this time is good to make your guests laugh again with your video.

What should the short film be about?

The short film can be about you, how you got to know each other, what experiences you had until the wedding day! Your video can include memories of carefree childhood and parental love. With this video, you can thank your family for taking care of you.

But you can also make a video about friends, family and relatives, shows common experiences and adventures! Everybody is happy if they also appear on screen for a few seconds! But it can also be a surprise, e.g. so that your partner doesn’t even know about this video. 🙂

*How long should the video be?

It is important that it is neither too long nor too short. A 6-8 minute video is perfect because you don’t want your guests to get bored. It can consist of pictures or viedos or the combination of these.
Don’t forget that you have a lot to do on the Big Day, especially it shouldn’t take too much time out of the party. 🙂 The short film should be bee exciting, touching, funny and it’s guaranteed that everyone will think in the end ” it’s a shame it’s over, I would like to watch it even more”! ” We can achieve this with exciting picture changes, effects, text bubbles.

*What not to do?

Do not entrust your friends and family to set up the technical equipment. In this case, the laptop might be left at home or the new notebooks may no longer be compatible with the “old” projectors (for example, new laptops only have an HDMI connection, old projectors only accept VGA). The location might be unknown so I am often asked to help: So how do we take it so far? No power socket there? Power strip? Can I connect it to my speaker? Do I have a compatible cable or adapter for it? If I don’t know about the video, I probably won’t have the tools for it. But if everything is fine, the question is : who will assemble and then disassemble?
It happened before that a wedding ceremony was delayed by half a hour due to the unreliability of the venue’s projector. The best solution is always to have the execution and the task in one hand.

*Why should you choose DJ FEREE? 🙂

I can help you make the video! thanks to my qualifications I also have experience in making videos. Over the years, I have made a number of short films / videos with exciting visual changes and effects. In addition, we can use text and speech bubbles to make your videos more spectacular. Each image can have a different text, a humorous note, you can also choose music for different topics.

My equipment includes everything you need for projection! With my high quality devices, I guarantee excellent apperiance.

During screenings, two common problems are: 1: guests can not see itperfectly, 2: they can not hear  it completely. These problems will not happen if you choose me! 😊 The size of my canvas (nearly 2 meters) allows guests sitting further to enjoy all moments!

This is also true for sound my QSC speakers provide quality clear sound at 2 x 2000 Watts.

You can rely on my help and professional equipment, which includes:

– Full HD Epson Projector (Eb-U05) / 3400 lumens, contrast 15 0000: 1 (image visible even on bright days)
– special projection screen (2 meters), which is essential for achieving the best quality projected image
Laptop for media playback + cables, stand (s)
Audio connection to the DJ equipment so that the sound can be heard on the built-in speakers
– Full assembly and disassembly

I can do absolutely everything about the projection, you don’t have to worry about anything 🙂

The projector can be used for 2 other purposes:
– To play Karaoke Videos or Karaoke games, guests can even compete
Pixel mapping decoration, name, pictures, quote, initials, logo projection somewhere(adapted to the conditions of the venue, eg: spectacular animation projected on a column)

Don’t forget! After the Big Day, a new life begins for you! Of course, not everything changes… but something does. As you get married, you will be a family, it is a sacred thing that is one of the most wonderful things in the world. You start a journey together and you will have a lot of experiences . Don’t be afraid to share your most beautiful memories with others 🙂

You can find more information about my extra services on my website, if I have piqued your interest, I wish you good fun time while reading!

Modern & Professional Events, Corporate Parties, Birthdays, WEDDING DJ | High quality DJ service – get to know me and ask for an offer! don’t leave it to luck! 🙂

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