Magical armosphere can be achieved by lights even outside


In some places you can create miracles with 2 candles, but sometimes you need more to achieve the right atmosphere.


The intimate moment can be made special by lights, various graphics and subtitles/texts


Lighting is as important as music for the perfect event.

The music creates the good mood but the lights put the icing on the cake. Moreover, nowadays the DJ is expected to bring lighting technology with him. The spectacle is an important part of the decor/design, and as the majority of the event takes place in the evening, where the lights are more important than the wedding decor. The light show makes the night special so your guests will remember the special experience what is provided by a professional DJ who provides an unforgettable show.

Smart robot lights

LED light show controlled by music

Dancing on the clouds

Original Dry Ice effect

Professional lighting technology is a great help for photographers / videographers to make spectacular videos / photos, because magical visual effects can be achieved not only for professional, but guests who can take a beutiful pictures too.


With intelligent lights

“Playing with the lights”

Latest technology just for you! LED backlight and projection of illustrations to match to the decoration.

Advantages of modern lighting technology


Logo and text projection

“Projection of custom personalized”
It is often recommended to illuminate, emphasize objects / events. You can even project text or graphics (e.g. the initials of your names). The unique image is perfect for weddings, events and exhibitions. I can project individual texts, initials, logos, messages, quotes at any event on any surface, according to your own idea. The selected graphics can be perfectly customized, switched on and off at any time, moved and colored. Everyone will pay attention to this! Striking, vast, effective portable advertising can also be achieved.


Select a base color and/or and an another color and its shades in addition to the dominant white and build on these colors! Contrast is important so choose bright shades and take care about the harmony.
Do you want to enhance the atmosphere of the venue? You are in the right place here –  More info with pictures!

More pictures
Full-featured, exciting light show with varied movements. People watching the dancefloor from a distance can enjoy colors changing the same way as the people dancing underneath. It will quickly make guests dance.

We use a different solution at each location, we take local conditions of the location into consideration.

Dare to dream!

An elegant event with a modern atmospheric lighting? Or a crazy party? Or both?

Elegant lighting

Pleasant mood lighting suitable for the decorations of the venue uplighting

Disco Party

Smoke, fog, laser, stroboscope – essential accessories og the night

All in one

I can switch between variations in an moment

These are colorful flashing lights that can improve a birthday party at your home, but at wedding there are more than 100 guests, is not a 20 square meters living room.

Beware of the “wonderful disco lights” when the DJ says “Sure, I’ll bring lights…” Ask him to leave them at home… In 2020, the red-green dotted light show, mini lasers are old-fashioned.
But these devices are just examples, like the 5-10W Chinese lamps, which are colorful and have nicely flashing light, but even a mobile phone is brighter.
The mood of the party is greatly influenced by the light show, which is controlled by the music. With the support of a Hazer, the show can become much better.

Incredible power in a small size. Watch the video with the robot lights!

What is the difference between a smoke machine and a fog machine?

The smoke machine burns a special kind of paraffin oil and the fog machine creates vapor by condesign humidity in the air with help of a homogenizing mixture.
The two are not the same. The first is cheap and simple, the second is a powerful and expensive solution, but the fog machine is much better. The smoke forms nicely and softly almost unnoticed.


Of course, I also have a normal smoke machine, and I partyculary recommend the dry ice smoke machine for wedding dances. For these the machines reates a modern, elegant and sophisticated effect.

Which gives a modern, elegant and sophisticated effect


“The ADJ Focus Spot Three Z is a robotic lamp with a 100-watt LED, motorized focus and zoom, allowing you to adjust the output beam from 15 to 20 degrees. We recommend it for professional use where high brightness and reliability are important.”

“This powerful full color laser sets a new level in price and quality: because of the strong 445nm royal blue, red and brilliant colors, the best choice is the CS series of lasers.”

“The Inno Pocket is a mini moving head spot light with a 12-watt LED source. This size and luminous power make it suitable for mobile caterers, smaller clubs and bars or even bowling alleys.”

“16-segment LED stroboscope with running light function.”

Your event deserves the best quality. I know what you need for a super party.

The visuals are also important for me: sound and light technology in one place. You can get it all in one! Only ask me for an offer.


Providing a good atmosphere for an event is a real challenge. Follow my blog and I will regularly give tips and advice on how to make a successful, memorable wedding, birthday or corporate party! I will give advice on lighting, music and sound. Don't let the mood get black, follow DJ FEREE's tips!

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