Don't just hear, feel it! Why is it important?

For people who like listening to music, excellent sound quality is definitely important. It’s interesting, because we only hear and can’t see the music, so people who haven’t listened to a good sound system before, can’t imagine what they’re missing out. But when we look at a blurred picture, we know that it can get much cleaner. Enjoy your favorite music from the next generation of reliable Pioneer Nexus players. It is characterized by outstanding sound fidelity, high technical standards and high performance.

Spectacular appearance

Unique, special, outstanding

Hight Performance

High technical standard

Unparalleled music experience

High sound quality

Free creativity

Half live solutions

Mixing musical styles increases our musical horizons, we also find beauty in music we would have never listened to nomally.

“Finally, someone made the hardware for DJs who don’t want to give up the CD but would also use the possibilities of the newest technical advancements”

James Zabiela
I use an upgraded Pioneer Nexus that makes DJs ’dreams come true. Thanks to the Rekordbox software, work begins before the performance. I can make my set or compile playlists: I categorize music by style, style, and musical tones – I can perform a half live solution with it.
Don't depend on the music

No more wasting time while your DJ is searching for your favorite music on record / cd. I can find your favorite music in few moments, even in a lossless file format with the searching programme.

Star preformers & bands

It is also possible to receive, mix and transmit multiple microphone and line level sign. Moreover, direct outputs are available, which increase the flexibility of the system.

Wifi technology

My full system with the lighting technology, is connected to its own wifi network, so the programmed, recalled music can be downloaded via WiFi or USB.

Favorite of Clubs and DJs - This video is showing what kind of tricks this machine can do!

More music styles

Next generation sound - DJ Desk equipment

Feel the music and enjoy the studio sound! If the sound quality of the party is professional, the mood will also rise faster.

You can color, effect, edit the music to the extremes, maintaining the variety in mixes. It is possible to quickly mix musical styles, for a new way of performing.

Improved presentation

This technique equipment began to break down the line between CD and half live solutions because you can manage to four record players at a time…


Thanks to the another innovative and important development is that using the Nexus and the record box to mix in the tone, the DJ needn’t to have absolute ear for music. This also reduces the possibility of mistakes. The record box analyzes my songs and then categorizes them by tone so I can create very pleasant transitions.

További képek és infók a mobil dj pultról

Your event deserves the best quality. I know what you need for a super party.

The visuals are also important for me: sound and light technology in one place. You can get it all in one! Only ask me for an offer.

People who are more educated they will be more sensitive to music quality. Music listening awareness, be it musical or technical, intellectual, cultural, makes people better. People who look 10,000 paintings changes their viewpoint.


I have selected 1-2 more interesting videos, where I mainly play Hungarian music, but of course I like to play more styles.

“Ferenc Gyurcsány also gives his opinion, watch the video!”

“Santa visited me at Christmas and, if he was already there, he played a set on my players.”

I am often asked to teach me how to do it. Here it is: If you are smart and persistent, you can learn the following little trick relatively quickly 🙂

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