Karaoke – Is X in you?

The time has come to just sing in outside the shower or the car!
With our Karaoke service, you have the opportunity to show what you have!
You will feel like world stars, and with the exceotion of th ered carpet, I can provide everything for this experience!

How is it possible? I’ll expalin!


Admit it, there are few people who wouldn’t sing if they hear their favorite song. Unfortunately, not everyone is talented enough, but during a fantastic evening, in a good mood, after a drink, many of them will be brave enough to sing. 😉

But forget the standard karaoke service!

Not only can you have fun, but you can also have a real competition, a singing duel, if you want!

My karaoke service is special because, during the music, the program grades the perfomance, so you can start the competition! The program intelligently evaluates singing by pitch analysis so more than one can play at a time. With 2 microphones even in a duet or real time battle for points. In the case of a team competition, the entire prize branch will also be drawn. The projector also shows the lyrics of the song, the correct pitch, and the pitch you are singing.

In our karaoke service you can choose from more than 1,500 songs. There are also a lot of styles, popular, well-known and English-language songs in my repertoire. You can choose from a play list, which music you want to surprise your audience with. You can watch the video clip with subtitles on a 2 meter projection screen, so it’s no problem if you don’t know the lyrics 100%.

To make sure everyone can hear you perfectly, I also provide two high-quality AKG wireless microphones! What’s more, if you want to sing a duet with your love, or you’re more confident with a parner, it’s also possible because the service includes two microphones.

Do you want karaoke all night? Do you want a coordinator /host to keep the karaoke night running smooth? Who fires up the mood with professional programming? If you don’t want to host the party, or if you want an experienced presenter with a good senseof humor to do an akaraoke evening, include it with your request for an offer, because I have a solution for it too. I can provide a presenter for the service, which is an extra cost, but you only need to pay attention to the fun and clear notes. ?

The service includes:

  • Play list: you can choose from 1500 songs
  • Providing the necessary equipment (laptop, wires)
  • High- quality microphones for singing (if you want, I can provide a separate professional singing microphone)
  • Projection screen and projector to display the video clip and lyrics
  • Full sound system to make the house loud off you
  • If you want to, you can enhance the atmosphere with a presenter.

Fire up your party, corporate event, team building, or even your wedding with a fantastic karaoke party! Make your birthday party special with a karaoke competition and it will be a more special and memorable experience for everyone. ?

Sound: QSC quality, clear sound is provided at 2 x 2000 Watts!


– Full HD Epson Projector (Eb-U05) / 3400 lumens, contrast 15 0000: 1 (image visible even on bright days)
– Special projection screen (2 meters), which is essential for achieving the best quality projected picture
Laptop for media playback + cables, stand(s)
Audio connection to the DJ equipment so that the sound can be heard on the built-in speakers
– Full assembly and disassembly

The projector can be used for 2 other purposes:
– The projector can be used for 2 other purposes:
– Pixel mapping decoration, name, image, quote, initials, logo projection (Taking the characteristics of the venue into consideration, eg: spectacular animation projected on a column)

This service is selling you a real show! If you like it, ask me for an offer and I will send the details within 24 hours!

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