Infront of speakers

We don’t know many people that like to have dinner while a speaker molests their eardrums. Or sometimes it is exactly the opposite: a DJ provides the right background music, which is very good, we just don’t hear anything of it……

Unfortunately, most restaurants and pubs today do not pay enough attention to a suitable sound system. I am sure that you have already noticed similar problems and inconveniences…. 

The music is too loud, we can’t talk.

Music? Raelly, was it on all night? I was happy for a moment when I heard a little snippet of my favorite song, but I didn’t hear it well. We sat away from the speakers.


When I work, I pay attention to every little detail, not only the music, but I can also control the sound system. When I play in a venue where the acoustics aren’t the best, I bring my own equipment to provide the best quality in everything.
Often the owner is sure that their fixed speakers are excellent for the event, but when I arrive at the venue, I see that its quality, connectibility and layout are far from ideal.

Traditional speaker arrangement, unbalanced, one-sided sound.

The perfect speakers arrangement is also important so that the sound is balanced. People who sit closer to the DJ desk aren’t deafened by the loud music, but at the same time, other people who sit farther away – especially during speeches – can hear all the important sentences well. It’s important to me that at events where I provide music as a DJ, everyone feels fantastic. Because of this, I think it’s important for everyone to have pleasant background music during dinner. In my opinion, most people don’t like it (and neither do I) , when they have a delicious dinner or an excellent glass of wine and can’t hear each other’s words, they can’t make a conversation because of the low quality sound. (This can be a problem especially for older guests, it is advisable to think about this when making the seating plan.) It is important that everyone can hear very well what the master of ceremonies / presenter / says. It is important that pre-written or spontaneous speeches and greetings are heard in the same way in the back row and in the front seat.

Balanced sound, perfect acoustics

An important question is the quality of the speakers. I work with one of the highest quality equipment (QSC). Their excellent quality can also be heard in speeches and music too, The multi-speaker distribution perfectly satisfies the needs, what depends on the location and the size of number of people. It can often be solved by wireless signal transmission, so there are no ugly, easy-to-trip-over cables between the chairs. 

If you want to know what other tips I have about the DJ world, stay on my website where you can find a lot of interesting information!

And if you want to make the atmosphere special of your restaurant/pub, don’t hesite, do it! ?Ask for an offer and I will send the details

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