Are you organizing a surprise party? Do you want a crazy party? You found the best DJ! you will have a party that is good to remember! Stay on my site, look around and, get to know me ask for an offer!

Elegant, Exclusive DJ Deck

Your birthday deserves the best quality/the best! With world-class Pioneer DJ technology. I guarantee your high- quality entertainment.

Professional Sound System

Feel the music and enjoy the studio sound! If the sound quality is professional, the mood will be elated faster.

Spectacular lighting equipment

I know, what you need for a super party. Don’t hesitate, ask me and I will bring the the smart robot light and the intelligent moving heads or the spectacular RGB lasers!

Choose your music style

Your party, your music! I have a wide selection from thousands of songs from the 60s to the latest music styles. I will grant your requests and adapt to your music style.


I can fire up the party everywhere with my easy and quick set up mobile DJ equipment. I can set up the entertainment center indoors and outdoors too.


aYou are important for me even after the party is over, so all my customers get a surprise presents from me.

6 points on how make your birthday the most beautiful day in your life

You get real party music that gets everyone started dancing

As an experienced DJ, I know exactly what music and styles you need for a good party. I have about 30 kinds of birthday music in almost all kinds of music styles, so you can hear a birthday song several times to get a better mood. We can discuss beforehand what their favorite music style and favorite songs are.. Your favorite songs make the party even better. From the 60s to the present day, I play songs and mixes in almost every style, from electronic music to retro.

Why ME?

You get the music that makes everyone feel fantastic and special

What the person celebrated wants is always first! We can discuss beforehand what their favorite music style and favorite songs are. I have almost 40,000 songs, I can easily find what is best for you!

You get the party that everyone wants to attend next year again

This party is all about you and the celebration! I’m sure you’ll be looking for my sevices again in a year to have another memorable party.

Because you can even have a good party with karaoke

I have hundreds of karaoke videos. You can also sing in a duet with 2 microphones

I also surprise my customers with gifts

In order for the celebrant to be able to rewatch the best moments of the party, I provide audio and video recordings of the party. More extras: travel costs are free for you in Budapest, click on the Next button for more information

Party wherever you want!

I go where you want, With all my equipment.

I have a gift for you 🙂

Don't let boredom take over you party!

How about a video 🙂 Believe in your eyes / ears!


We have made a video about all our events since 2017
The short film contains the best moments of yout birthday parrty. Enjoy again the atmosphere with a breathtaking video of the party’s best moments that hat you can look back years from now.

I can find the suitable music for all ages.

A happy birthday requires a party where everyone is happy . I can find the suitable music for all ages. The good birthday DJ makes a party where everyone dances and gets a lifelong experience. After 10 years of experience, I can say that there will be no bored people, because I always pay attention to the reactions of the audience and I and play the music that suits them. I am good at in a variety of music style so I can entertain guests of all ages and tastes. I am a perfectionist at events, this guarantees maximum fun. I like to inspire people to have fun. Smilingand cheerfulness ... I think they solve everything.

DJ for birthday

Don't hesitate

ask for an offer!

Are you looking for a proffessional DJ for your event? Choose an experienced and highly qualified DJ! I have been working as a DJ for over 10 years , countless successful performances and great numbe of statisfied customer guarantee my reliability.

Ask for an offer
DJ Feree a Rendezvény DJ
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– Member of Hungrian DJ Association
– 10 years of experience
– 40.000 songs
– Mixdown DJ qualification
– MAHASZ license

About me
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3446500Mix views
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DJ Feree a Rendezvény DJ

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    Providing a good atmosphere for an event is a real challenge. Follow my blog and I will regularly give tips and advice on how to make a successful, memorable wedding, birthday or corporate party! I will give advice on lighting, music and sound. Don't let the mood get black, follow DJ FEREE's tips!


    It’s a sad fact, but since the DJ profession isn’t licensed, so many people try it as a livelihood. BEWARE of them, because it is better to avoid the cooking of disc jockeys who have advanced from young people and celebrities.

    They are often not prepared well enough
    They not have the nexessary experience for unexpected situations
    They work undeclared and unlawful

    We asked Feri to be in charge of atmosphere. He managed the complete light and sound technology, projector projection, and it was a very good decision, we were not disappointed! ? Everything turned out as we planned, in fact, Feri even surpassed our ideas by creatively supplementing the music lists we sent and entertaining us with extra effects. I can only recommend it to everyone, we were very satisfied!

    Farkas Orsy, T-Systems

    Feree and his colleagues took care of the atmosphere of our first family fitness day, where the three of them formed the perfect combo of a responsible musician, announcer, video maker. Their harmony was precise and mature, their professionalism manifested in all respects. Feree has a great sense of what age he plays the music, so he practically didn’t have to be bombarded with constant instructions. Although I am quite critical in many respects, the fruit of the successful work has been that I want to work with them only in the future. What I would like to emphasize that I met Ferit as an infinitely sympathetic person, he also served our building with his suggestions, not only did the work dry. For a service provider, this is one of the most important aspects, so that in addition to what it offers, it is also humanly appealing.

    Szolnoki Csillag, Owner-manager

    We are sure that we will choose him next time too 🙂 We had a fantastic party with our friends . He was also very attentive during our discussion. He prepared for everything and gave ideas on how to make evening really memorable. We got to knew Him as a friendly, kind, and fair man. He used effects that matched the decoration and mood which created a fantastic atmosphere. We are wery happy that we chose him. We are looking forward to the next party 🙂

    Kiss Hajnalka, Monicomp Zrt. OTP group

    Your event deserves the best quality. I know what you need for a super party.

    The visuals are also important for me: sound and light technology in one place. You can get it all in one! Only ask me for an offer.


    in Touch

    DON'T miss out on good music!



    Suggested locations

    Rozmaring RestaurantDanube bank/ 9 location
    NyeregCity Park / 300m2

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