Don't just listen, feel it! Why is it important?

For people who like listening to music, great sound is important. It is interesting, because we only hear and don’t see the music, so many people who haven’t listened to music on a good sound system before often can’t imagine what they miss out. On the other hand, when we look at a blurred picture, we really know that it can get much sharper. Experience your favorite music with the revolutionary K-Series QSC speakers that made a trend among active speakers. It is characterized by outstanding sound and high technical standards.

Breathtaking sound

utstanding sound fidelity

Hight Performance

High technical standard

Unique music experience

New development

Aesthetic design

Elegant appearance

A good sound system widens our musical horizon, we also find beauty in music that we would never have thought.

“Now, I have to listen to all my music again”

You’ll discover lots of little things, fine details in the music that you may have never heard before. “Studio experience on the dance floor!” At concerts, usually only the volume is important, but thanks to the development of QSC, increasing the volume also keeps the sound quality impressive. See it with your own eyes! After asking for an offer, you can try/feel it during a personal meeting!
No distortion!

The Excursion Limiter continuously monitors the diaphragm deflection, and if too much a signal is received on the subwoofer, the protection limits the signal on the speaker using a very narrow bandpass filter. The advantage of this over a conventional high-bandwidth limiter is that signals outside a given frequency are transmitted intact.

Do you like deep sounds?

DEEP ™ is a subwoofer that provides a full bass range that belies the size of the speaker. The subwoofer (KSub) has two 12 ”speakers, its box is made of plywood and is equipped with low-noise castors for easier movement. The threaded scaffold tube provides vibration-free fastening to the tops.

Celebrity & bands

Suspension solutions enable a wide range of live and installed applications. It can receive microphone and line level signals and it is possible to mix and transmit the signals of 3 audio sources even to another speaker. In addition, direct outputs are available, which further increase the flexibility of the system.

Incredible performance in a small size. See what the celebrities are saying about it!

Let’s look at some of the innovations that characterize QSC active speakers

Feel the music and enjoy the studio sound! If the sound quality of the party is professional, the mood will also rise faster.

The newly developed 1000W Class D amplifier provides 500W per channel. And the subwoofers reflect the same excellent quality, ensuring unparalleled performance.


Intrinsic Correction™: Intrinsic Correction is a patented method known in QSC concert / tour products that corrects the characteristics of speakers and waveguides with several signal processing algorithms. As a result, the speakers achieve extremely even radiation in the area irradiated by the speaker, creating an accurate, acoustically transparent sound field.


The speakers can be tilted forward at a 7.5-degree for perfect radiance, so you can hear everything as well in the back as in the front.

Your event deserves the best quality. I know what you need for a super party.

The visuals are also important for me: sound and light technology in one place. You can get it all in one! Only ask me for an offer.

People who are educated, are also more sensitive to musical quality. Music listening awareness, may it come from musical, technical, intellectual or cultural background makes people better. For example who looks at 10,000 paintings, their vision will change.


More and more entertainment venues use this professional sound system.

“Usually people are not used to how much space can be filled with sound using speakers of this size.”

Producer/DJ Camp

“I’m maximally satisfied with the sound pressure and sound quality. I always get the perfect sound picture.”

Dokk Club

“Suitable for all kinds of music styles and musical trends. A professional sound system that could be compared to a good car brand.”

Vol1 Club

Kasza TiborSinger / public figure

“Ever since I’ve been soloing in a club concert, I’ve been sticking to QSC’s front and monitor speakers.
This brand guarantees me high quality and compromise
sound free, both on stage and to the audience.
Since I have been working with QSC monitors, the
“I can’t hear myself” feeling, and 100 percent of the
I can focus on the audience and the songs. “

Pély BarnaSinger

“I heard right away when we first played it that this was something completely different,
as with the sound systems used so far. I’ve experienced this in more detail, but they are a
speakers were all much larger. And it was a special experience to be almost toned
I heard back freely the sounds I had mixed out for myself in the studio. “

DJ FREEDJ / Producer

“I am maximally satisfied with them in terms of both sound pressure and sound quality. Surprisingly good crates. I really like working with them. Value for money is one of the best! Nowadays, at such a price, you can’t really buy such good sound stuff!”

Magonyi LDJ / Manager

“QSC is an experience … a bit like an amusement park, full of surprises, but only good surprises! 🙂 Amazing performance, crystal clear sound at high volume, no loss of dynamics. I haven’t met any such in the last 15-20 years. nor with a product that would have been able to do this quality at such a price. It is mandatory for everyone to try.”

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