Own name/logo

Special appearance? You will really love this specialty!

➡ Personalized caption(uniqe text)!

Would you like to project your initials into the background during the first dance? Or not just in the background, even in the middle of the dance floor or on a column, anywhere! There is really no impossible request, we can solve any captions, names, figures that you would like to see on the big day!

Moreover, since 2019, we have been using not only static illustrations, but also animations, which have even greater success and attract attention. This unusual sight is still very rare and special so it is new for lot of people.

Click here to see 100 examples of projection of initialsfor your wedding

You just have to choose from the ordinal numbers and I will make your animatinons with your own names.

It looks like this (during the day and projected on the dance floor):

Is there still monDJam yet? Almost any unique need and we can satisfy, the illustrations, shapes, colors, sizes and placement are fully customizable even for birthdays and corporate events! For more information, please contact our DJ contact details!

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