Snowfall effect

Snow machines are special foam machines that use high-pressure air to turn snow fluid into snowflake foam. It totally looks like real snowfall , however, the foam has little moisture so the place doesn’t get soaked like in real snowfall.

If the liquid is cooled, the effect can be enhanced. The foam machine can be filled with enough liquid to serve an entire evening party. When light effects and lasers are directed at the snowflakes, it creates a special spectacle. The Popularity of the nightclub/club/disco can be greatly increased because of these special effects and the snow party. It can fire up the atmosphere of the party on a hot summer evening.

You can enjoy the “snowfall” up to 6 meters away, which you can control remotely. The amount and the duration of the snowfall can also be controlled. Moreover, we can adjust from a few flakes to a Siberian snowstorm. It can be used to create periodic or continuous snowfall or even complete layer of snow.

I recommend it for house parties, birthday and private parties, discos, clubs, concerts, theaters, but it is also an excellent choice for outdoors and weddings. It creates a perfect winter atmosphere even at Christmas parties.

Shooting distance 5-6 meters.
Operating position: Can be suspended or placed on the floor

If you don’t want to choose a traditional 2-part band for your event, you need a DJ with a varied musical repertoire that satisfies everyone’s musical needs and entertains you and your comrades with a special program 🙂

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