Cold Spark Machine – Indoor fireworks for weddings & events

The Event DJ presents indoor fireworks, also known as the Cold Spark Machine, which can also be used in Hungary. Traditional – outdoor – fireworks are already widely used at weddings, festivals, concerts, clubs, and sports events. But what would it be like indoors? Stay with me and I’ll show you!
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How do you like it? Would you like to electrify your wedding/event?

Our latest toy, our cold spark machine, uses the latest technology to provide the ultimate firework / sparkler effect while being completely safe! Our cold sparklers are perfect for weddings, proms, events, stage shows, parties and product launches. It amazes the guests and creates a WOW effect! This will surely be an effect that the invited guests will not see anywhere else (but will definitely be the first to see at your place).


Sparks are non-heat based and produce very low smoke (eg like a candle flame). The machines can be controlled with a remote control, so we can adjust the emission and even the height to the music exactly in seconds. Also, up to 6 machines can be controlled simultaneously. These machines are perfect for weddings, parties and other events.
It is worth combining them with dry ice machine (Dance on the Clouds), so it creates an even more impressive effect.

Wedding fireworks are the perfect addition to your first dance, sending you flying among the stars. It is worth considering asking for the Dry Ice combination for the opening dance. This is the most magical and memorable wedding moment. What you could ever imagine will come true here. It really is like a movie.


– Safe indoor cold spark effect
– Simulated “flame”, low temperature
– You can even touch it with your free hand
– 1-5 meter height
– Full control (can be started and stopped at any time)
– Location-independent – no permission from the location is required

Impress your guests!

Amaze your guests with the rare indoor & safe with our fireworks machine! Entry, opening dance or cake? Company annual review or year-end party? Our spark machine can be used anywhere without permission, so the only limit is your imagination. If you are tired of the usual and are looking for something really special instead, then the cold spark machine was invented for you.
It can also be used for cake or creative photography:

The wedding party also really loved the sparkler! An enormous amount of photos and videos were taken! Thank you very much for opening our eyes in time and telling us about this great opportunity. We are grateful that you made this possible for us.

We undertake full implementation!

If the order is not made together with a DJ, we provide separate handling staff to ensure that the process is still completely smooth. With this, we can guarantee that everything will be exactly as you
dreamed it would be. Proper maintenance and handling of machines is very important for stable operation. It must be constantly monitored. Our technician will arrive 1.5 hours earlier with the spark machine/machines and related tools and the agreed quantity of granules and assess the conditions of the location. It plans where the machine/machines should be placed in such a way that it achieves the most magical effect possible with its operation.

All our cold spark machines have contact protection and safety certificates. Regardless, we always take the safety of your guests seriously, which is why we comply with all safety regulations to the maximum. We believe in using the right machine with the right staff.

Our Special Project: Spectacular Opening Dance deals more deeply with the topic

Modern wedding – Cold spark machine:
More description, information about the spark machine and the possibilities here:

Don’t leave your party to chance! Choose a practical wedding DJ for your event / wedding. And if you want even more extra than that, choose a DJ who can raise the standard of the evening not only as a wedding / event DJ, but also as a sound and light technician! Ask me for a free quote!

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