5 tips against sleepless nights

Have you ever hesitated a lot before making a decision? Do you have sleepless nights and think a lot before the wedding? It bothers you that you have to decide, but you can’t because you don’t know what might be a good choice for you or someone else?

I’ve played at hundreds of weddings/corporate events/birthdays/private partyes over the years. I often get similar answers at wedding meetings:

Parents prefer a band, so we won’t choose a DJ, even though your offer was perfect

There will be older guests at our wedding, so we prefer a band for our wedding.

These responses and feedbacks are always shocking. A wedding is a wonderful thing. It can be organized in a thousand ways, and it’s important that everything happens the way you dreamed of your big day. Some couples want a simple wedding, no extras and no parade… Other couples want extra romance in a seaside wonderland. Other couples want relatives who they haven’t met in several years to take part in the big day. So there really are plenty of ways to organize a wedding.

Here are 5 Tips to help you make the final decision:


    1. Apply the 10/10/10 rule

      Think! Think about how you will feel in 10 minutes / 10 months / 10 years with version A-B? You can realize that in 10 months we might regret a decision…
    2. Face your fearsMany times, we do not dare to make a decision because of our fears. We are afraid of the consequences of our decision. In this case, we have to face our fears. The easiest way is to imagine the worst thing that can happen. We need to think and describe every little detail on a piece of paper. If you read these and feel you can solve them, you can see that you will be able to solve things in the worst case.
    3. Write pros and cons!What are advantages and disadvantages? You soon realize that stress is unnecessary…
    4. You should always make a decision that you really wantDon’t grant the requests of your parents, friends, little brother, big brother, because this is your life. If you really want to live, keep in mind what is most important to you. Because if you choose ”B” and then you realize that “A” would have been the best for you, you will be angry with yourself in your whole life that you actually wanted „A” …
    5. Don’t care about others’ opinion!Today, there are wide range of choices from everything. It used to be easier to make decisions… Why? Because there weren’t as many options as there are today. If you wanted to buy a shirt you just had to say the size and color. Nowadays, you have to choose the style, color, size (shoulder, length, etc.), brand, material. Whatever decision we make, we may feel we have made a wrong decision, even though we are only lost in the details.


In a nutshell!

It is important that whatever decision you make, you should be proud of it and don’t let others influence you and tell you why your decision is bad or just good … trust yourself! ? It is important that whatever decision you make, you should be proud of it and don’t let others influence you and tell you why your decision is bad or just good … trust yourself! ? The professional and experienced wedding DJ has no problem playing typical wedding music either,…. It’s possible that parents, grandparents can’t, or can hardly imagine that a DJ comes at the wedding without musical instruments, he only carries a “deck” and speakers… and he still can make a fantastic wedding party. This is new, unknown thing to them, because they used to have fun at a ball, but the younger generation has already socialized at parties where DJs play music and make a party. Because of this fact the wedding DJ service is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Do not be afraid

I can only repeat myself as you should try to make sure you organise your dream wedding. ? If in this dream, a DJ is responsible for the good mood, please contact me.

On my website you will find detailed information about the extra services.
if I have aroused your interest, enjoy your time reading!

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