Such is a Barn Wedding // Party at TB Ranch

It’s a very characterful and promising name on first hearing – we thought … ? span> ?
Well, in the preface, all we could say is that the venue surpassed all our ideas. Come on, We didn’t know TB Ranch yet, but we set off on the first day of June with great excitement. After making many hundreds of kilometers from Budapest, already knowing off the main road, we knew that Emese and Gergő had chosen the perfect location for the Great Day of their lives. Without any bias. We strongly recommend the venue for any couple looking for a peaceful and intimate wedding, with hundreds of people, close to nature and outdoors. I was also present at this wedding as a Wedding DJ, and Dora helped and recorded the events of the day in the usual way. The venue of the ceremony was held in a beautifully landscaped, decorated area. We’ve settled here with an orchestral mixer and several wireless microphones for professional sound. After the ceremony, the day continued into the barn, which was also beautifully decorated. ?

Emesé, like many weddings, chose the round table layout for dinner. We were also thought of during dinner, so we ate the festive menu at our service table close to the DJ counter. It should be noted that it was gorgeous, with delicious and homey flavors, not to mention the fact that guests with any food intolerances (including me, I am gluten sensitive) also abounded in delicious food.
After dinner, we also saw a small video of Gergő’s, in which they showed the main stages and the best moment of their lives, from pictures from a young age to recent ones. After the nostalgic moments, I took control as a commissioned Wedding DJ. ? ? ?
My work was also supported by the unusual Bar Counter, where members of the wedding party could order cool little cocktails all evening. We also asked, but We only work in a non-alcoholic version, because we work at a wedding where we are responsible for the atmosphere, we never drink alcohol there. BUT this is not a problem for us, as we feel very good in our skin even without alcohol, especially at such a fantastic wedding as Emesé’s.
The fun continued with them until dawn, which was stopped by the cake for a while. We didn’t mind, because a wedding cake is an indispensable accessory for a wedding… ? ?
After the sweet moments we partyed until dawn…
“A hangover only lasts for one day, but a night with us accompanies you for a lifetime!” ???

We had a hard time finding her a DJ because, it’s a subjectively unknown wedding service that is hard to evaluate. So after searching we trusted the sympathy and wrote to DJ Feree who immediately sent a detailed offer, we almost didn’t have to ask. The face-to-face meeting confirmed to us that we had made the right choice because he was very kind and interested. He helped choose the music needed for the ceremony. We fully entrusted us with the choice of music during the party and followed the needs of our guests very well, they were satisfied, several people indicated that the music was very good. Direct, smiling, friendly man, DJ for wedding. 🙂 We were especially pleased that the outfit was aesthetic and discreet.

Bana Emese // bride

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