Wedding DJ Party in a Castle

The castle is considered one of the five most important cultural and historical complexes in Hungary. Count Klebelsberg Kuno, Minister of Culture, lived here.

“Today, the Hungarian house can be kept and made big again, not by the sword, but by culture.” – We were at this maximum 🙂

I made a wide range of rock music, but of course there were more than 40,000 songs in my bag, as usual. We think there has never been such a big rampage in this castle where not even the smoke alarm could keep up the pace 🙂 We only got to know Zoli and Edit a few months before their wedding. They prepared for their wedding so calmly and calmly, planning everything, that they could be real examples for many, many couples. NO STRESS! 🙂 We discussed everything in a personal meeting, we signed a contract and then a few weeks later we only found ourselves driving in Buda on our way to the castle. Due to the party being unloaded, we packed the small car again. We carried a light bridge, a laser which, of course, paired with the laser is the real … And of course our usual professional sound technique. The driveway of the castle was quite “steep”, so unfortunately it was quite difficult to unpack and pack, you can see this at the end of the video. The installation was exciting as the castle is a state-owned monument. We could not place anything anywhere, separate permits for days / weeks until they were accepted. Because, every party has an external Pen-drive with over 40,000 songs broken down into different music styles / playlists, so I can switch almost anytime I see it. So it was with Editke. After a special opening dance, we also got into a harder rock party. The world-famous rock tracks followed one another, but I also played from the ‘everyone knows’ category for everyone’s sake. And of course the Clasic Party couldn’t be missed either, after the night. whose video you can see here !

Long live Edit and Zoli!

He worked perfectly with the sound and light of the obligatory elements of the lagzi (music during dinner, music during the game, effects, cake cutting (starwars, cool) and then our opening dance.
And then we burst into dawn. He mixed the other songs in the style of our guidelines, our example songs. With great sense, when to stay on the line, when to switch, when to involve older wounds, when to give young people a tutti!
The lights, the totem poles, the laser, were all super!
It made our evening completely carefree and a good party!

Schweini Zoltán // husband

Are you planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate party?

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