Cheap or Expensive? What is the difference? Let’s start the DJ’s duel!

What are you going to remember after a wedding?
I have visited countless weddings both within the country and abroad. When the Big Day is over, what will the guests think and what they will remember? The wedding dress? The nice venue? The excellent DJ? The amazing decoration?

Countless memories come to mind because every wedding is different. Each wedding is a unique and special experience.
You, dear Bride and Groom who are still before the organizing process, I would like to give you some useful advice, if you allow me. We call your wedding BIG DAY, because this miracle is given to us only once in a lifetime with the love of our lives. In my opinion, the visuals, the venue, the decoration, the choice of colors are all very important elements of a wedding, but if you think about what is really important, I think, we can all say that the MOOD/feeling gets the first place!

There are two ways:
– “It was fantastic”
– or: “we couldn’t wait to go home”

It’s difficult to choose a DJ, you shouldn’t rush. If you know if you want to choose a DJ or band, let’s see the next step: asking for offers, looking for videos, references and reading reviews. If I were you preparing for my wedding, I would definitely pay attention to these, because these things will help you make the final decision.

After my many years of experience, I must say the atmosphere of a wedding depends on the wedding DJ and the master of ceremonies. If they do a professional job, success can be guaranteed. Of course, every couple knows how much money they can spend on their wedding but if you can spend on another flower bouquet or a tenth kind of dessert specialty… I suggest that you spend this money on making the mood special.

There are big differences in price and quality in the DJ world/music world. DJs who have been working as such for a long time, they can create a fantastic atmosphere at your wedding. Of course, they are not the cheapest. There are big differences in this profession as in any other service. From a one-person so-called “synth boy dj” who undertakes a wedding for about 70,000 HUF (and even works as a Master of Ceremonies), the price can be 1 million HUF too. Of course for this amount of money, a high quality music band will play at your wedding. For professional DJs who have many years of experience and high quality equipment and do their job well, the basic price of the DJ service for the wedding begins around 150,000 HUF. Of course, there are cheaper providers than this, but the quality and atmosphere of the evening can also be worse.

Be careful!
Unfortunately, the DJ profession doesn’t require a degree, so many „DJs” are trying to make a living from it. Often a friend / acquaintance offers himself, but usually this is not a very good idea because they do not have any experience. (It is very different playing music of the same style for the usual audience in a nightclub at the request of the owner or playing music for a completely new audience. Without a contract, they are not obliged to solve unexpected situations (because there are always some of those ?). Without experience, they are not prepared for unexpected events, and they do not work legally as they don’t have a licence.

Many times, couples call me a week before their wedding.They are anxious that they can’t get in touch with their musician and they can’t do anything without a contract. It also happened once that 24 hours before the wedding, the couple called me that “the DJ had a ski accident” (in middle of summer)… Oh yes It may happen that the service provider, who is booked at a cheap price may be afraid of the size of the job or someone offers him more money… That is why (also) it is important to always sign a contract!

Many times, couples want to save money on the most important thing, the atmosphere of the wedding. They risk its success of their Big Day to save a few thousand Forints. This cannot be changed afterwards. Nowadays, everything has a price, I think. You should spend money on quality and not looking for the cheapest way, because if you can get something easily, it’s not as good as you might think.

You have to choose the DJ carefully, because the atmosphere of the Big Day will really depend on them!

So, do not save money on the musician ?

If you are still looking for the suitable DJ, ask for a personalized offer from Me! You have nothing to lose! ?
– In this case, my post will help you, in which you can read the 10 most important tips on how to choose a DJ  – it can help you understand some things and make the final decision.

Don’t forget! 
This is Your Great Day, it is important that you organize your wedding in the way that is best for you! It will be an experience of a lifetime so enjoy every moment!

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