DJ or band for the Big Day?

When you organize your wedding, the most difficult task is choosing music.

I am fond of live music, but nowadays couples often choose a Dj instead of band. There are very few good bands, according to statistics, nowadays nearly 70% of couples choose DJs for their wedding. This creates a new situation for bands that play live music and that were monopolistic on the weddings.
This is not surprising for today’s generation, but it can be weird for the older generations that it is not a band that is playing at the wedding. This is not surprising for today’s generation, but it can be weird for the older generations that it is not a band that is playing at the wedding.

Let’s see! After all, what do you need for the perfect wedding?


  • a bride
  • a groom
  • guests
  • location
  • and good mood

The last ingredient is someone who is responsible for the mood and MUSIC! So it does matter what provides music! DJ or band – It is an important question, the dilemma of the big day…

If you haven’t decided whether to choose a DJ or band for your wedding, here are a few ideas for comparin DJs and bands.
You can ask for music whatever you want , there is nothing impossible for a DJ but sometimes musicians don’t know / sing new songs.
If you choose a DJ, a wide range of music styles can be heard, you do not only have to listen to typical wedding music, because agood DJ knows several music styles, he can play a little rock, Latin, retro, or even an r&b music mix.
A DJ is a 1-person band (In club life, a DJ often plays from 8pm to 5am), it is better off financially if you pay a person and pay for one person’ s meal instead of a whole band’s.
Bands sometimes need to relax, while the DJ can constantly provide music, they don’t interrupt the dance and the good mood.
Moreover, besides the wedding party, the DJ can also make the background music and can provide the sound system for the civil ceremony, so they will be with you from the beginning of the day until sunrise./dawn.
In addition to music and sound, most DJs also have lighting technology that improve the atmosphere
The DJ deck doesn’t need a lot of space, all the equipment can be set up on a table. I can set up anywhere, outdoors and indoors too.
Live music has its own charm, but each band is different, each has its own style, so it’s a good idea to check them out if you choose a band.
The DJ will definitely play music in good quality and you will hear it in the familiar way, because a DJ can play the original version, moreover you can make a list of your favorite songs.

The young generation has already spent the nights of weekend in clubs and nightclubs, the period of balls is coming to an end. At the same time, DJ services has also increased. I hope I could help you to make the best choice 🙂

Don’t forget!
The full spectrum of music styles as you like them!
You get music that you love and also serves the tastes of your guests.
You just relax and let your DJ create a great atmosphere.

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