Why do you need a ceremony master at the wedding?

Why do you need a ceremony master at the wedding?

So guests won’t start the conga line at 6 p.m.

There will neither be a master of ceremonies nor a best man at your wedding? It is not impossible. Although the result will usually be chaos, not a wedding. Nobody knows exactly what-why-when to do things. It can be total chaos. If you want a quiet conversational dinner wedding that ends early, you don’t need a master of ceremonies or a best man either. But your Big Day can also be a fantastic, awesome day with full of experience. You decide what you want.
If you don’t want everyone to “disturb” you with their tiny little problems, you need a “professional” who can conduct the Big Day for you!

Conducting a wedding is a serious task, you need a central person who has everything under control and directs the guests. They are the Master of Ceremonies, or the Best Man! – they are not only there to to inform your guests and announce dinner.

On the wedding day, they help the couple a lot, they are responsible for making sure that everything goes according to plan. You don’t want to get nervous at your wedding and worry if everything will be alright. This is the very task ofthe Master of Ceremonies. I think you should spend money on an excellent master of ceremonies / best man because they can help a lot on your Big Day.

Here you can read a summary in a few points about the responsibities of the ceremony master/best man. So you can see what important things that the mc can help you with.


Ceremónia Mester

– The MC of the wedding is basically the host and communications person of the event.
– Presenter, announces events and shares information with the guests
– He pays attention to the mood of the young couple and the wedding guests and he/she takes care of all the little details as well.
– Announcing who should be in the formal group photos
– Announcing that dinner is served
– Welcoming the bride and groom into the dining area
– Introducing the father of the bride’s speech
– Introducing the groom’s speech
– Announcing the cutting of the cake
– Introducing the first dance
– Communicate with the event staff.

The most important thing for me at the party is to be flexible! For example, don’t “kill” the biggest party because “Game 2” is on the schedule or it is time to cut the wedding cake.
You can wait another 15-20 minutes, but let’s agree on that too… Timing is an important element of a well- balanced wedding. Guests should only feel that everything is fine. We mentioned only a few things to do on the Big Day, so it’s really important to have a central person to help with these, who you can rely on, and who you can turn to with your questions.

What if i ask my friend? He knows me best!


I have heard many times that the Couple asked a close friend or family member to be their master of ceremonies. I will tell you the truth, out of 10 occasions, around once was it a good decision. In most cases, this friend or family member does not know if they are there as a guest or a service provider. It is a profession that requires a lot of routine, confidence and 100% attention and is often not as simple as it seems. it is not sure that the wedding crowd will like their humour as much as their close friends.
Let the DJ be the DJ. Let the band be the band. Friends and relatives are not recommended to be burdened with conducting the wedding, because we invite them to have fun and not to “work”. Moreover at a good wedding, the atmosphere is really good, so imagine what happens if this Master of Ceremony, who was chosen from the guests, drinks a little more alcohol than they should… To avoid insults and inconveniences, let them have fun, party ? and leave this task to a professional.


There are djs who can be masters of ceremony as well…


Someone can manage to do it ?

Once or twice, I was also asked to be the Master of Ceremonies as a wedding DJ. . I think these are two different professions and you mustn’t entrust these two professions to one person at a wedding if you want to get professional service. (It physically impossibile to be in several places at the same time, to coordinate e.g. the kitchen, etc.). The DJ should stay at the DJ Deck and the Master of Ceremonies should entertain the guests with words and games. ?
The “presenter” can obviously be a DJ but the two professions are not the same. Nowadays, you can really find DJs who do “present” as well, but I’m sure they can’t do these two tasks without any mistake. In my experience, however, in this case, their expertise is also questionable, because I never play a song all the way tothe end, I often play a new song every 2 minutes in order to maintain the momentum of the party and I sometimes choose another song in the last 10 seconds because the dance floor changes. So the DJ MUST be present all the time and focus on his own work. Also, this job would prefer more people, because a professional DJ also works with his own spectacular lighting technology that he has to control. if the light show is really spectacular, it has to be controlled, which requires a separate person to make sure everything is perfect. Moreover, assistance is essential for the construction and disassembly of some bigger equipment. All in all, it is important that you definitely need the help of a professional who can improve the mood a lot.

If you – like choosing a DJ – don’t want to leave this to sheer luck, you can choose from the Masters of Ceremonies that I can recommend with full honesty and trust! (Balázs, Andrejszki, Péter)

Master of Ceremonies

As a DJ, we work with them regularly. We know their work is really important, so based on this experience, I recommend them to you. They do an excellent and efficient job which is important for a successful wedding
Menyhárt BalázsMasters of Ceremony

I am similar to American MCs who conduct the wedding firmly but not intrusively.

Fehér PéterMagician/Illusionist MC

If you want a magical wedding

Toma AndrejszkiMasters of Ceremony

I host the show in a modern form, my style is similar to Balázs Sebestyén

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