2019/07/01| Event-DJ, Mobil-DJ, Wedding-DJ
Own name/logo

Special appearance? You will really love this specialty! ➡ Personalized caption(uniqe text)! Would you like to project your initials into the background during the first dance? Or not just in the background, even in the middle of the dance floor or on a column, anywhere! There is really no impossible request, we can solve any...

2019/06/21| Event-DJ, Mobil-DJ, Wedding-DJ
Mood enchancing effects and spectacles in one

“No time wasted ” ? I have already played in so many places, so I have a lot of experience in finding a solution to expected and unexpected events. How can you make the usual things special? With effects! What are the effects for? I make the sound more interesting with them or the effect...

2019/03/29| Event-DJ, Wedding-DJ
Do you want a DJ? But how do we start the search?

Are you in the middle of organizing a wedding and looking for a Wedding DJ for the Big Day? The question is where or how to find the best DJ. ➡ Google   The easiest and most common search method is to turn on your laptop and use Google to help. It’s important what keyword...

2019/03/27| Event-DJ, Wedding-DJ
Karaoke – Is X in you?

The time has come to just sing in outside the shower or the car! With our Karaoke service, you have the opportunity to show what you have! You will feel like world stars, and with the exceotion of th ered carpet, I can provide everything for this experience! How is it possible? I'll expalin!  ...

2019/03/11| Event-DJ, Wedding-DJ

Projection at weddings is popular nowadays! More and more couples want to surprise their guests on the Big Day. The newlyweds want their guests to be part of the story of how these two people ended up connecting their lives. This is the „walk of life” film, but your video can be about dating, childhood,...

2019/01/07| Event-DJ, Wedding-DJ
5 tips against sleepless nights

Have you ever hesitated a lot before making a decision? Do you have sleepless nights and think a lot before the wedding? It bothers you that you have to decide, but you can’t because you don’t know what might be a good choice for you or someone else? I’ve played at hundreds of weddings/corporate events/birthdays/private...


There is a certain word that catches the attention of the future couple. And it’s…

2019/01/06| Event-DJ, Wedding-DJ
UNLIMITED. But is it really good for you?

I have mentioned you several times how important it is to sign a contract and also what the contact includes. Of course, not just with music services, but with EVERY service whatsoever. But what exactly do I want to say? ?   There is a certain word that catches the attention of the future couple:...

2018/10/11| Event-DJ, Wedding-DJ
A DJ or The DJ?!

I’ve been working in the music industry for years, it’s no question that this is my life. Literally. ? Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky and not everyone works hard to make a living from what was their hobby. Maybe that’s why I try to do my job to the maximum . It is important...


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