what kind of music should be played during the traditional Hungarian wedding dance?

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In the past, brides took seriously their vow that their husband would be the first man in their life, so the snow-white bridal the whiteness of the dress symbolized purity and virginity, and the bride’s dress received at midnight – which referred to the loss of innocence of the “new woman” – was given a red or burgundy color. After the bride changed her clothes, the bridal dance followed, first with her father and then with the wedding party. In traditional weddings, this was also the bachelor and bachelorette party of the time. Although wedding customs are modernized every year, the bridal dance has remained an essential accessory of modern 21st century weddings, and is still part of the evening’s program.

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE TWO! The tradition of the bride dance and bride dance depends on the landscape, different customs apply everywhere. Since both dances essentially serve the same purpose, the two are often confused.

It is still customary

– after the dance, throw change to the bride, which must be swept up with a broom and collected in a bucket for the couple

– one of the more daring male members of the wedding party wraps a “wedding dress” from a curtain or a tablecloth and thus makes the wedding party dance (this is the foolish bride)

If you still don’t have it, you’ll definitely get it this way: This is the scene where the Master of Ceremonies (CM) or Vőfély “The new bride is for sale!” invites the guests to dance with a shout.

Musically, I can suggest 3 options


The more traditional fun trend should be, as this has tradition and traditionality at weddings

There are good numbers written specifically for this. Living with the evergreen classics: The bride is for sale and There’s a wedding on our street are essential. This musical attitude is also a sign of respect for the parents and grandparents, since they are probably looking forward to it, they will be happy that you respect tradition and think of them as well. Both the young and the old know the songs + at this point they already have a nervous state overheated by alcohol 🙂 when the fun music brings a smile to the faces of the young too. If it is a modern wedding, where fun music is banned from the party, then it can be perfectly inserted here. This is typically an event for which, just as a joke, I usually suggest more traditional fun music, and it is played in a surprisingly large proportion, 95% of the time. So that the remaining 5% also includes if there is no wedding dance included in the daily program. The ratio could be more varied, but under the influence of the master of ceremonies / best man, couples are always convinced that this is the “custom”.

For example


Something that isn’t funny, but don’t let anyone notice that it isn’t

The escapee 🙂

As a wedding DJ, I usually recommend 2 variations when it comes to this type of wedding dance music

Jive! from the years One of the dances applicable to swing music.
I mostly use today’s modern music for this and their revisions.

Rock and roll (rock & roll / rock ‘n roll – pronounced: rákendroll) This was formed 10 years later, at the end of the 1940s, from the elements of rhythm and blues, hillbilly or otherwise known as rockabilly and western swing.

For example

The Hungarian pioneer is the group HUNGÁRIA

These are good because their speed is fast, approx. 180 bpm, but halved to 90 bpm, which means it’s easy to dance to even for older people.


At our wedding, we compose the music ourselves, and at the dinner, which is held in a beautiful place, the fun music would be strange. It wouldn’t suit us, our family, or the place…

In this case, unlike the traditions, the musical trend can be completely customized. Sometimes it was for Latin music or some people selected for themselves from my Hungarian Mixes and we made a more Club version from it.

Even one of these “humorous”

For the sake of simplicity, if you like fun music even on weekdays, choose it. If you liked to listen to something else, then definitely something that you like! Just like your love story, your wedding is completely unique. This day should be yours and about you. If you don’t want a completely traditional wedding, you can find a perfect balance between a modern wedding and old traditions with an old tradition.

Don’t stress too much and don’t worry about the music of the wedding dance!

You don’t have to worry about the speed and style of the music, because many people respect the rhythm so much that they don’t even accidentally step on it. Guests clutch the envelope like others clutch the gratuity envelope at the doctor’s office, and are just as excited about when their turn will be. That’s how much even the person who has only danced in the aisles of the supermarket believes that they can dance, and your shoulders and hips rock as confidently as open water rocks a motorboat. Believe me, in this state they will pay the least attention to the music.

 The music of the wedding dance is a great entertainment option for your guests…


…and of course to you too. If the music is good, you can easily start the real “let my hair down” mood!

+ Tips for dancing


Since the basic requirement of the bridal dance is that all members of the wedding party dance the ara, it is worth paying attention to a couple of small things so that you do not faint after the hundredth guest.

– The rhythm of the dance (exchange of guests) is basically determined by the master of ceremonies / best man. So a lot depends on them! Discuss roughly how much time to allow for a guest. Shorten the dance that basically lasts for “hours”. (usually 10-20 seconds per person is ideal)
– If you want to be even more energy-efficient, ask the master of ceremonies to tell your guests not to dance individually, but to dance as a family or even as a team. Thus, in the case of a wedding of 200 people, you may “only” have to dance fifty times.
– Comfortable, flat-soled shoes are definitely recommended. This is the perfect time to kick off the stilettos.
– Have someone nearby who can help you with a sip of water if necessary.
– Save your energy! You can be sure that there will be guests who will want to make you dance. Plan ahead! With whom you can relax the choreography. A few left two – two right will totally do 😉

Don’t leave the music of the wedding dance to chance! Choose a practical wedding DJ for your event / wedding. And if you want even more extra than that, choose a DJ who can raise the standard of the evening not only as a wedding / event DJ, but also as a sound and light technician! Ask me for a free quote!

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