Will the DJ be a friend, relative or acquaintance?

DJ vagy Barát legyen?

We often think that a DJ is a jukebox. If it’s a machine, then anyone can easily be programmed for it – we rightly think. Let’s see, is this really so?

DJ: they don’t cost a penny, but it’s probably not a coincidence. They are professionals for a reason and take a lot of time and stress off your shoulders. They will manage the atmosphere, they will manage the music lists and play with the timings. They take over all the dirty work from the CM 😉


Player: spotify is a great app to use when you don’t care what other people say and want to create a fixed playlist. The advantage is that it is user-friendly, cheap, and has pretty much every song in it. It can even be made a public playlist so guests can add their recommendations to the waiting list! Upgrade to Spotify premium! Skip the ads for a few thousand forints. You and your guests will thank you 😉

Note: If you skip the DJ, you won’t swim. Someone has to control the playlists. (Actually, there will be a DJ as well). Make sure you can count on someone and test a few situations before the Big Day!

What advice would you give your DJ?

Based on my personal experience of the past years, I have created a great music selection specializing in weddings and company parties. I have now compiled the psychology / strategy behind it. If you ask the DJ for these (and he keeps them), then success is guaranteed. Let’s see!

Send him the following 9 rules / suggestions!


1. Get and categorize multiple music genres!

Not everyone will be excited to listen to Frank Sinatra all night. However, some people might be scared if you only play Top 40 RAP hits. To get a good response from the crowd, be sure to mix classic and modern hits.

2. Avoid sad, melancholic songs and possibly discussed prohibited music (music trends)

Trust me, there have been plenty of times when I’ve heard something on the radio and thought, “That’s so romantic!” until I sent him a translation and realized that it was something completely different! Choose wisely, because who knows… Maybe someone will understand the foreigner 😉

3. Don’t be afraid, play evergreen classics!

“No matter how, do it!” Because there are songs that people definitely want to hear! Play the unmissable classics and even trash! If you don’t, they’ll ask anyway 🙂

This is why people hear the same songs over and over again at weddings and corporate events – simply because they work! Songs like The Night Can Never End, Billie Jean or Usher – Yeah ! Unmissable – of course they can be remixed 😉

People don’t care what the TOP 20 Funky songs were last month on independent XYZ labels. They don’t want to listen to the exclusive 10-minute unknown and boring recordings sold in limited editions. Your guests need the Best of the Best of!

Will a gay guy be good as a DJ?

Peti is a good guy, but he doesn’t really dare to take on the party


4. Keep the ratio! – 90% fast, 10% slow music

A good wedding party playlist has both crazy and touching moments: These can be paired with fast and slow music. Sometimes the guests jump screaming in front of the DJ desk, but at the same time there is the moment when they slow down with their love.

If I had to limit the ratio, I would advise approx. 90% danceable songs and 10% slower songs. People want them… just not as much as the fast ones! 😉

At the same time, it is extremely important that the tempo / energy of the music fluctuates. If it’s too linear, the crowd will burn out quickly. Think of it as a graph that swings up and down. This variety adds to its excitement. Keep raising the arc, then bring them back slowly so that they are prepared and have a chance for the next round 😉

It is worth creating the wedding playlist in such a way that it is mainly fast-paced music spiced with a cheerful melody. At the same time, aDJ also adds a hint of slowness. It is essential that the event DJ mixes these musics one after the other without being noticed. The whole thing should be continuous, in one place, otherwise it is easy to lose the “dance space” due to sudden changes.

5. There should also be current, today’s hits!

Check the 5 most popular songs on the radio in the monthly top list. Don’t worry about the passage of time, they don’t really change 🙂 Get the TOP 5 most played music of the given month. Don’t miss these! Especially when it comes to faster songs. Look at various music charts on the Internet or listen to the radio for a few hours. You will know exactly which one will be needed.

These songs will be fresh and new, yet familiar enough for people to sing and dance to.

Greek fire, spark machine for wedding

Greek fire, spark machine for wedding

6. Don’t leave silence between songs

During a party, even 2-3 seconds of silence between songs can seem strange. They take away the atmosphere and break the momentum.

While DJing, you have to constantly imagine transitions between songs without being noticed. There should be no pauses, awkward gaps or any foreign sound/effect that disturbs the rhythm. This is the rhythm matching, which is the more “active” part of wedding dj / event djing and one of the reasons why you can’t really train anyone to do this.

7. Don’t trust the internet! Get the songs before you head to the venue

With the decline of CDs and the advent of streaming, the storage options for music have become quite colorful. DJs have access to pretty much every song in the world. The downside of this is that we can only access it if we have internet, right?

– What if you have a Spotify playlist, but the wedding is in the middle of the woods? Many Hungarian event halls do not have space.

The music is playing on the phone and BOOM, it switches service providers. Believe me, it’s a huge mistake if the music cuts off in the middle of the song. A weak signal “buffers”. It’s even more cheesy if it happens every 30 seconds. It really kicks off the party.

Spotify list

Spotify list

+ AN IMPORTANT TIP for Streaming service users:

Make sure the full playlist is available offline before you head to the venue. What it does is save the songs to your phone or computer, which can of course be deleted later. This step alone will save you some heartache and premature graying!

8. A song should last for a maximum of 90-120 seconds

It doesn’t matter if the guests hear an entire song. The variety and unpredictability of a DJ’s playlist is part of the fun! Keeping songs around 90-120 seconds is usually a good guideline.

However (and this is where experience comes in again) some songs benefit from being played all the way through. Think of the more classic songs that are waiting for the last closing line or the last guitar strum.

So stick to one and a half to two minutes per song, unless there is an exception 😉

9. Be prepared with a lot of music

Starting from the previous point, it is roughly possible to calculate how many hundreds of selected music will be played live. It should never be calculated, because then what is the selection made for the event/guests? Don’t forget to prepare a few extra songs for each event, in case the ceremony, dinner, or procession takes a little longer.

Hopefully, this guide will help you create the most awesome playlist that perfectly matches the soundscape of your party. If you’re building all of this from scratch, it’s definitely going to take some time.

The first step is to decide whether you want a professional DJ or do you want to do the work yourself?

If you want to know more about how a Modern Wedding DJ / Event DJ Service works, then feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help and answer any questions that may arise.

Don’t leave it to chance! Choose a practical wedding DJ for your event / wedding. And if you want even more extra than that, choose a DJ who can raise the standard of the evening not only as a wedding / event DJ, but also as a sound and light technician! Request a free quote!

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