The civil ceremony is the most beautiful moment of the wedding.

The perfect wedding starts with a perfect ceremony I want to help you to have a perfect wedding too. I’ve seen a lot of good weddings before, so I’d like to give you some advice from a DJ’s perspective.
Nowadays, thanks to the openness of registrars, you can also choose the venue and the music. thus, we canmaximize the atmosphere with unique and modern solutions by providing a professional microphone and a radio microphonefor the registrar.


A professional technician is definitely needed for the ceremony, as this is a very important event that cannot be spoiled by music. The ceremony consists of several parts, such as the procession, greeting the parents, champagne. You have to manage the sound differently in a closed space, where there are only a few people, where there is no wind, no cars, no vows / speeches, no microphone, no interference and using a small radio microphone is not necessary.
Honestly, this is quite rare. It is definitely advisable to spend money on sound systems. I can help you choose the music for the ceremony, my musical repertoire has a wide selection of any wedding style, but I am also open to individual needs. I’ve already been to many weddings, I can help you choose thematic music material, I have a lot of touching but also funny ideas too but we need to discuss, because the first and most important thing is making your dreams come true. I will adapt to this, and I support you. We can make every part of the ceremony even more touching. You wouldn’t believe how much it matters and how much it influences the intimacy of the ceremony. brings emotions more forward than in silence.

All depends on you! It’s also what kind of music you want to listen during the important moments.

From this list you can see how I categorize…

The MUSIC of the ceremony


  • Waiting (refreshing, love-themed music to create a romantic atmosphere)
  • Music for walking her down the aisle (I can also extend the requested music – this is recommended because you never know what is going on, this is also recommended for longer entrances.)
  • During the ceremony and speech(es) (soft instrumental, without singing to create the mood, even with looping, but it is not always allowed in the official part of the ceremony)
  • Music for signing
  • Pouring sand/ Candle lighting / Planting or any other unusual event
  • Vows and background music for stories (soft instrumental)
  • Music for exchanging rings
  • After saying „yes”
  • Kiss
  • Parental greeting
  • Champagne
  • Receiving congratulations
  • Leaving the room / Leading out

In this case, instrumental (without lyrics and vocals) music is only obligatory when it is written next to it but it isn’t obligatory for the others! I can also recommend and show you examples of these, but if you have your own ideas, I will be glad for it?

További a beszédek, beszédeitek tiszta hangi anyagát rögzíteni tudom egy erre specializált eszközzel, így nem kell kompromisszumokat kötni a videósokkal. Élőben is meg tuDJuk teremteni a kellő atmoszférát, ugyanakkor a nyersanyag később további felhasznásra is kerülhet.


DO NOT make the mistake of you entrusting the sound system to the venue, because usually only a “old man/old bean” controls the sound system, who just starts an entrance music and an exit music at the end of the ceremony. And the sound will be similar to elementary school events. Also, you should discuss the whole”script” with the registrar and also ask about what music is allowed.
For example, wedding marches might be banned or there are some registrars/ceremony leaders who don’t like background music during their speech. On the other hand, more modern ceremonial leaders/registrars insist on background music during the official part too. In practice, you need a microphone stand, or even a radio mike.



At the right time, I play the chosen music during the civil ceremony with the right volume (I pay attention to the intelligibility of the ceremony leader). Providing the civil ceremony, I do not only select the music, but I also ensure a full sound system.

At weddings, the ceremony is the longest part where there is a speech. The good quality sound is important and everybody should hear the”YES”, even in the back row during the ceremony.
Although the photographer / videographer has a super-sensitive “professional” camera microphone, he can’t do anything with distance and large space. It is necessary to use an external – especially dynamic – microphone or radio mike. I provide these tools and we can even record audio for you. Moreover, we record the clean signal directly, which goes into the mixing console, so the clean sound (before / without mixing the music) will be recorded. It is very good for the videographers, because they can use it purely for the wedding video, and they can mix in their own audio tracks).

I ensure the voice of the future husband and wife and the priest with 2 small microphones (clip-on tie microphone) that are unnoticeable for the guests. But I can even provide wireless microphones if you want.

The basic price of the ceremony: HUF 20,000
The price includes the cost of construction, technical controlling, operation and disassembly. Mixer, multi-channel player with wireless microphone and the necessary accessories (signal and high voltage cables, distributors).


It is advisable to look around among my extra services, because they also make your wedding day more unique and special. Firstly, I would like to mention the bubble blower, which is an absolute favorite of youngsters and seniors too. I’ve seen at many venues that after a ceremony, guests grab and blow a bubble blower because the bubbles are wonderful little miracles. Unfortunately, this takes away the opportunity to pay attention to the young couple. In contrast, the bubble blower replaces the wedding guests and blows thousands of bubbles that creates a wonderful spectacle.
This is just one of the many extras in my bag. ?

As a mobile DJ, my equipment can be easily moved and reassembled at the party venue after the ceremony. The music stops for a maximum of half an hour, but this is usually not a problem because the wedding guests are busy because of taking photos / throwing bouquets. If you want background music or sound for the CM for these moments as well, there is no problem because I have double equipment, so I can manage this as well. In this case, I don’t have to spend time with reassembling because the advantage of double equipment is that if the venue is huge and / or you want to be sure that everything can be heard well and it can be good even for outdoor sound. (e.g. at the smoking area, etc.)

Quality is really important to me, so I work with high-quality, world-class equipment

So if you know the date of the Big Day, maybe the venue & the ceremony leader too, you just need to find the best disc jockey for your wedding!
Ask for an offer and I will send the details! ?

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