The ceremony and party will be preceded by a reception of guests

I arrive at the venue with my equipment in at least two hours before the wedding to set up my deck and do all the necessary technical tasks. By the time the first guest arrives, everything will be in place and I will be waiting elegantly for the guests at the DJ deck.

Before the ceremony, the wedding guests arrive, the relatives and family members, who have not seen each other for a long time, meet again, the guests of the two families can introduce themselves to each other. Pleasant atmosphere is typical but everyone is excited a little bit , but it is normal at weddings. While guests arrive, I play a pleasant, soft, love themed background music (Swing, Jazz, Lounge, Acoustic Remixes, Soul). My music creates the right atmosphere for the ceremony. The music is not very loud, it really has a background music function so that it does not disturb the conversation of the guests.

Love Themes: Enya, Celine Dion, Michel Bubblé, Frank Sinatra, Gerog Benson, Pharrel Williams
A “jazzified” version of today’s music: Postmodern Jukebox
Modern Acoustic: The Piano Guys
Other recommended styles: Chill Out, Deep House, Theme Songs, Lounge, Soul

If the reception of the guests takes place in a place other than where the evening continues or where the party will be, it is not a problem for me. My equipment is portable so it can be moved easily and quickly, so moving is not a problem.

If there are specific songs that you would like to listen to/ hear during the guest reception, we can discuss it and your guests will listen the chosen songs. If you have no idea what to choose, I can give you tips and advice, but if you entrust me with the selection of music, you won’t be disappointed.

Then comes the ceremony! Click here for an article where you can read how to enjoy your opportunities to the max ?

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