Private RETRO party in the city center!

Katalin visited me that she and her friends want to party in a cool place, a brutally good one!

Retro style is their favorite, so the biggest party music was played during the night. Katalin is a very nice lady, very professional she organized the party, thanks to her a lot of friends came. The party was colored by the fact that there was also a raffle raffle, so the guests could return home with valuable prizes.

The venue for the party was downtown Krak’n Town. Krak’n Town, the pub, is not only a simple scuba diving, but one of the infamous centers of underworld figures. The dark type of wall covering makes the place intimate, the walls and even the ceiling are covered with pictures and objects that fit the place.

At the retro party, the main role was dance, I tried to move everyone well so that the next day’s muscle fever would evoke the party.

Ajánlott cikkek