Do you want a DJ? But how do we start the search?

Are you in the middle of organizing a wedding and looking for a Wedding DJ for the Big Day? The question is where or how to find the best DJ.

➡ Google


The easiest and most common search method is to turn on your laptop and use Google to help. It’s important what keyword we use to search, of course the easiest is to type in the “wedding DJ” combination. Don’t be surprised, there will be myriads of websites in front of us. In this case, there is no need to get scared, because when we click on the websites, we usually realize in 5 seconds if it is interesting enough for us to continue reading.

I am extremely critical with my own website because I think the website reflects the personality of the disc jockey and what he considers important. If a website catches your eye, I suggest you look for these segments in more detail:

  • Biography
  • References and reviews
  • What do I get for my money?

If they have convinced you, ask for an offer!

➡ Wedding expos and fairs


The biggest advantage of wedding expos is that we meet the disc jockeys in person , so we already know the answer to one of the most important questions: if the dj is sympathetic or not.
During the exhibitions, we also get the contact details, so we only have to wait for the personalized offer. The question is, in this busy world which DJ can spend extra time and energy on visiting these expos.
In my opinion, at these exhibitions, especially decorators and venue providers can present their service more easily and in a better way.
For example, I played at events in 2018, when there were the biggest wedding exhibitions, so I couldn’t attend any of them at all. But it’s also an option, you shouldn’t miss anything.

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➡ Wedding chat group on social network sites


In the world of social networking sites, we can also ask for help in different kind of chat groups that are very popular nowadays.

There are countless wedding groups, but it is important which one we join. In smaller groups with little activity, we can’t get too much extra information. The best solution is to see how many people have joined the group and how often questions are asked and how many answers are received. It’s also a great solution to ask group members in a post to offer a DJ for the Big Day. I find this good because in many cases we don’t only get a name, but they also usually tell us why they recommend the DJ which gives us a sense of security.

 But be careful!  It often happens that a DJ recommends another DJ , although the chances of a DJ attending an event / wedding as a guest where he saw / heard the other DJ , are very minimal.

This is a “win-win” deal amog DJ friends and it is about “helping” each other. Unfortunately, it often happens that we just choose someone because they have a lot of DJ friends, but we don’t know more about the DJ.

Anyway, there is a lot of useful information for brides on these forums, so it’s useful to join and read them, outside of the topic of DJs ?

➡ “I recommend myself”


When someone is looking for a DJ in Facebook groups they get a lot of comments. There are terrible offers in comments and you get so many private messages ?? You can often  get 100 offers within 1 hour. Interestingly, the same thing happens on a weekday morning or a Friday / Saturday night. They don’t make parties or relax, but recommend themselves in free Facebook groups for low-budget weddings.

Sometimes they almost beg to be chosen If you want to find your DJ in these groups, it won’t be easy. It is a very time-consuming process because there will be a lot of applicants and recommendations. When I see that in different Facebook groups someone recommends themselves a lot, I am sure they are using a beginner marketing strategy. He’s probably inexperienced, so he promotes himself a lot of times – because an experienced, professional DJ doesn’t have time to negotiate for hours / visit event venues / select music / develop technical tools and take on new clients every day .-> > maybe if they have a lot of employees ? You can easily check this in a company information. For sure, a good DJ doesn’t get his clients on free Facebook pages, but through his own communication channels, with his own marketing. Because if they are good at their work, they have money for advertising.

➡ Friend recommendation


I think this is a bit more sensitive question. One case is when you are at a super wedding where you have a great time, you have a fantastic party all night, so you find out who played at the wedding.

In this case, based on your experience, you also would  like a DJ for your wedding who has already convinced you with his skills, attitude, and music. If you’re lucky and call in time, the DJ might have a date for you, so you’ve solved this important question relatively easily and quickly.

Another case is when an acquaintance, relative, friend recommends a DJ to you. Everyone has a different taste, everyone knows what is the best wedding for them and what style of wedding they want. Of course, you stand to lose nothing with a request for an offer, but be careful, because it is your Big Day!

DO NOT choose a DJ without reviewing my free reading: How to choose a DJ

Spend enough time and energy to find the best disc jockey for you, because he is responsible for the atmosphere of the night, he manages, the mixer, the players too ? If you liked my article, just click on ask for an offer and I will send you my personalized offer!

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