Dancing in the clouds – Dry ice for wedding

Dry Ice for Wedding? 🙂

Do you want to surprise your family members and friends with a special opening dance number?

Our new, special service can make your first dance very special!
Dry- ice is a premium service that is different from the well-known smoke machine because the smoke stays on the ground so it looks like you’re dancing on clouds.
It is an independent and unique visual experience, that enhances the visuals and makes your dance really special!
This magical tool is already used abroad often to make the dance floor wonderful.

But what is dry- ice and what makes it dry? 

Dry- ice is made from high purity carbon dioxide. Because it is not made of water by freezing, it does not melt and doesn’t leave any water behind. Dry ice is actually a solid texture gas at -78.5 Celsius
We order this from one of the companies that specializes in dry ice Don’t worry, it’s not expensive as we can provide thermo-storage.

esküvői pár táncol a szárazjégen

Sorg Villa – Esküvői Tánc a felhőkön

Using a dry ice machine (Chauvet Nimbus) creates a spectacular cloud that sits on the ground, in a few seconds, it’s like you’re dancing on the clouds.
„“The newlyweds are dancing on the clouds”. This effect is most often used at the first dance because it is magical. But we can also fire up the mood with it during the party because the fog stays on the ground for a long time. This is the most important advantage of the fog machine.


Only for wedding?


Of course, the dry -ice effect can not only be used during thefirst dance, it also fires up the mood of the night party. It floods the party venue and the fog ascends at a height of 40-50 cm, making the atmosphere unforgettable and spectacular.

WARNING! Many people do not use real dry- ice because it is complicated, expensive, and dangerous to obtain / store / use. As it can also cause frostbite injuries, a cheaper solution is to cool the simple smoke machine with ice (cold smoke, heavy smoke machine, etc.) and try to achieve a result with similar appearance. But the smoke from similar clone machines only stays on the ground for a short time because a little air movement dissipates it and it takes over the surroundings temperature. Because of it the smoke rises due to its physical properties. Photographers / videographers don’t like this because they can’t work (blurredpictures are taken because of the rising smoke, the smoke reflects the light of the flash), and the smoke can also interfere with the smoke detectors. It is important that the frozen form of carbon dioxide is dry ice, which is not toxic in normal conditions, but some safety rules must be followed to be safe to use. We follow these rules to the maximum, so you can order from us now at a discounted price.


Ask for this extra dj service and the parties will be even more amazing! 🙂

If you want a professional photographer who capture the similer pictures below contact Dori: www.dfproduction.hu We can give you a special discount when you ordering with dry ice.

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