Full spectrum of musical genres and styles

You get music that you loved and also serves the tastes of your guests

Usually, different people attend the events so no two parties are the same, but that’s what makes the evening exciting.
Every event is different. I have to prepare for a wedding or a corporate event differently. A bigger event can be attended by young people, adults and seniors as well.
I have to pay attention to the needs of all ages if I want to do a party 100% perfectly. I play real classic hits for the older guests When I set the playlist, I pay particular attention to making everyone feel good.

From the 60s to nowadays, I play songs and mixes in almost every style, from electronic music to retro. During a personal meeting, we can discuss your ideas and what music style is your favourite. Of course, there is also the opportunity that together we make a music list of which songs you would like to hear during the evening. I can give you tips and advice, and we can write a blacklist of unwanted music / styles.

In case of a wedding, I can also help in the selection of opening dances and I help you choose from a wide range of background music, and I can also edit the music and make mixes.

I am constantly developing/extending and updating my music repertoire (Now, you can listen to my music mixes in about 200 gyms) I have approximately 40,000 songs in my categorized playlists, so I can easily find guests’ favorite songs. During the party – unlike a music band – I don’t take a break so the party doesn’t stop until dawn – thanks to the mixes, there will be no break in the dance, the music service will be continuous, so nothing kills the party.

If you have absolutely no idea, it’s not a problem, because I’m very flexible when it comes to different styles and genres, so I can switch between different musical style trends during the evening, it is similar to acard game. The pack is almost the same as another “player’s” pack, but what really matters is how I shuffle and when I play / use them. I show a little bit of this or a little bit of that, I can sense the audience’s favourite style of music, I put down and “up” more of it and do tricks with similar cards.

Should it be: Current Radio Hits, Retro, International Music, Mainstream, EDM, House, Dancer, Twerk, Hip-Hop, TechHouse, Modern Hungarian, Modern Retro, Festival, Classic, Funky, R&B, Latin, Rock’n’roll, or even Alternative music.

I could continue the list, but I won’t. I don’t think you can say anything new to me, but try me ?


R&B / Hip-Hop

Hungarian Retro

Fesztival & House

Latin / Party

Deep House / Chill

Funky / Disco


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