Not all 4 wheels are out! Wedding DJ + Video in Gyomaendrőd!

Andi (the bride) I met at a corporate party the first time and the second time at her own wedding… surprising, right? ? We were present at the wedding from the very first moment of preparation, as Dora made their wedding video for them. The preparation was very exciting, and a good number of creative materials were made. In the meantime, we set up the counter, not forgetting the mood lighting. After the official swearing-in led by the registrar, I was already at work. I also provided soft background music during dinner as a commissioned Event DJ :). After a delicious dinner, the events quickly followed one another. life path short film screening and of course the inevitable wedding cake. Also, a surprise for the young couple from the large and cohesive group of friends. ? If you thought that was all that happened… no, no! I’ve been playing with the soleplate all along! They were followed by the latest real hits today! After that, nothing could have happened differently, we partyed until dawn, until our feet could no longer keep pace… Then dawn 6:10 we got in a car and then rolled back to our accommodation and then had a day’s rest… that we can get to the Hajdúszoboszló bath the next day smoothly, then only the real party came for us! Finding a regular specialist who found our rolled 4th wheel on a Monday holiday…: D That’s how we saw What are these few days, take it with love! ?

Thank you for celebrating with you! We wish you much happiness and lifelong cloudless love! Andi & Gábor ❤

The party was simply fantastic and lasted much longer than planned, which is clearly Feri’s merit  It was great to be watching the audience and he always switched properly between styles and we were very happy to be able to work very well together in the preparations, at the event and beyond. Everyone was having fun and we can only recommend

Szita Andrea // Wife

Are you planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate party?

Looking for a Professional DJ to provide music and a good mood? Someone who undertakes a party with full equipment, sound system and lighting technology? Who lays the groundwork and keeps the mood to a maximum? Who can fulfill any music request? Don’t rely on chance, ask for a quote!


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