UNLIMITED. But is it really good for you?

There is a certain word that catches the attention of the future couple. And it’s…

I have mentioned you several times how important it is to sign a contract and also what the contact includes. Of course, not just with music services, but with EVERY service whatsoever. But what exactly do I want to say? ?  

There is a certain word that catches the attention of the future couple: this is UNLIMITED! I’ve played at a lot of events and weddings over the years, I’ve had a lot of positive and negative experiences. Fortunately, I can say that positive experiences are more typical, but unfortunately, I have also seen strange situations and cases related to making a contract. Now, I would like to write a few sentences about this, because I would like to help you prepare for the Big Day.

So: UNLIMITED. But is it really good for you? Let’s see an example: I would like to tell you about an actual case, I won’t mention the place because it could have happened anywhere.

So the focus will be on the venue, the catering. Everything went according to plan. The staff were kind and helpful, they did their job and we did our job too.

The party started after dinner and the guests had a great time, they danced, had fun, they painted the town red . After midnight, after the wedding cake and the bridal dance, everyone was dancing. It was a real party-loving group that a DJ always really likes. At three o’clock, most of the guests were still there and had a good time when one of the staff members – already a little bored and annoyed – asked me how long I was supposed to go on according to our contract with the Couple, They were already tired and yes, all right, the party was good but they wanted to go home. I was surprised, then I realized that the young couple had made a contract with the venue for an indefinite period of time, so then they couldn’t have known how long they still had to work so their attitude to work and its quality had decreased.

Of course, my goal isn’t to please the staff, so I didn’t “kill” the party, I kept playing great music, when one of the staff members said:

We pay double the price, just stop!

This was at least funny! 🙂

Unfortunately, unlimited service can be a problem in other cases as well. I know countless wedding DJs who make their service more attractive by promising a music service for an unlimited period of time. This sounds very good at first because financials are important and if you don’t have to pay extra charge per hour / half an hour, it can be sympathetic. BUT! Unfortunately, that’s why most event and wedding DJs don’t have an interest in doing all-night parties because the pay doesn’t change.

So dear couple! Please, pay attention to the details when organizing your Big Day! ?

If you are interested in similar stories, tips and experiences, stay on my website and write if you have any questions. ?

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