Mobile DJ – I am mobile and efficient

What is Mobile DJ? Why is this good? And what does it really mean?

My equipment has been selected so that it can be easily installed anywhere in 3 hours. With mini equipment, this time can be reduced to half an hour (but a demanding and high-quality event technical equipment together with sound and light technology – adjusted to the location – is worth 1000X more than this, so it is not worth saving time). Whether it’s indoor-outdoor, sparkling 40-degree sunshine or rain, nothing should limit your event. I will carry out the complete installation in places where you would not even think. Don’t worry if the venue cancels your contract online, I can even go to the desert, just have a power source within 20-30 meters and I’ll take care of the rest 🙂

No chairs or tables are needed, I will bring everything. In fact! The screen in the picture says “Care and cover”. That way, there are no hanging cables, checkered tablecloths, etc. 🙂 Upon consultation, the DJ desk can be lit with any color, which I adapt to the decoration and/or the color scheme of the venue. With this I can lend a very modern, minimalist, clean design.

Essentially, I am a DJ, sound engineer and lighting technician in one person, so you can save yourself a lot of time/energy and quite a bit of money, since you don’t have to search for different service providers and coordinate with them (who)-what – because it is compatible. We can discuss the details of your event by phone or in person (free on-site survey in Budapest!) and I will bring everything you need for an unforgettable party:

The installation time of the entire equipment is approx. 3 hours. Dismantling time: 1.5 hours. I have double equipment for everything, so sounding two locations at the same time is no problem.
I work with high-quality, factory-tested, new, modern professional high-end technical devices, so despite their “small” size, they are capable of enormous performance. You won’t believe it until you hear the beautiful, clear sound and uncompromising performance. (More here)
I guarantee a good atmosphere for your event at an excellent price-value ratio. I put a lot of emphasis on creating the best visual effect with my lights controlled for the given music/show. I constantly update my equipment park year after year, thanks to continuous innovation development and creative solutions, I achieve that the guests receive a never-before-seen show program. I use about 20-30 wireless devices (both light and even sound) with the help of which I can adapt to any location. With this, I can guarantee an even higher technical level and unique sound and visuals year after year based on foreign samples. Average production year of equipment: 2018-2021.
(Since this is a continuous “never-ending” development, the ordered/available technical devices are constantly changing due to innovations. However, they may change to the same, but mostly higher quality devices.)

I undertake events all over Hungary, but I have also taken my equipment abroad, even to the Greek islands known from the movie Mamma Mia. I said: “Nothing can set limits!” 😉
More about me here!

In short: The mobile DJ is cost-effective and takes up little space, reducing organization time. And the sound and computer-controlled light play creates a perfect overall effect, which quickly heightens the mood.

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