You are important for me even after the party is over, so all my customers get surprise presents from me.


I have two GoPro cameras, which I can set up at two fixed points at the party / wedding / event venue where you want.
If you want (and we can discuss this before your event), I can also give this as a gift with DJ service, so it doesn’t cost anything.
The cameras can be set up almost anywhere, so I can record not only the sound but also the spectacle of the night. These cameras can record the important moments with 4K resolution, but it can record an hour-long event too.
It’s important to know that like a mobile phone, it can’t make a nice video in the dark, and it’ll never make a video like a professional videographer, but it definitely is an extra video from me if you want it. + We usually make a promotional short film, but all of these videos (that you can find on youtube and vimeo were recorded with high- quality Sony cameras (also using gimballs and a drone), so they weren’t recorded with a GoPro.
If you want a spectacular video like these, I can recommend a professional photographer who usually makes these for me. Moreover, you can get a significant discount if you order me and her together.

Party audio

If you would like to hear the full audio of the ceremony, and the songs that were played during the evening or at night, you will be really happy with this gift!
I can record the audio of the day’s important events in MP3 format, which you can even use as a mix for a house party, or just listen to if you want to relax.
In addition, I can record the clean sound of ceremony (the original voices, without musical background), so it is recommend to ask for it because my photographer colleague can also use it in your video. Great teamwork, isn’t it? 🙂

Favorite music

Of course, you have the opportunity to make a list of your favorite music for your wedding, event,, so that your favorites will be played at the party!
The most important thing for everyone is to have fun and have a good party, and every moment will be joyful, so I will do my best from the DJ deck.
That doesn’t mean I play all the songs from the list from A to Z, but it definitely helps me. I also usually ask for blacklisted songs, which is the music you definitely don’t want to hear and dance to at your party. Please write me what these songs are and I will immediately delete them from the collection. Of course only… for your party 🙂

Own name / logo / quote / initials

What do you think about using smart robot lights and projecting your initials in the background / on the dance floor / the ceiling or even on a column?
Do you want the company name or the logo to be projected behind the stage at your corporate Christmas party? There is no impossible request for me, use your imagination, we can project any title, subtitle, name, figure what you want to see! Let’s discuss it before your event!
Read more!

No travel costs in Budapest

If you are organizing your event, wedding, bachelorette party or stag party in Budapest and you ask me to be your DJ, you don’t have to spend money on my travelling costs because it is free for you.

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