A DJ or The DJ?!

I’ve been working in the music industry for years, it’s no question that this is my life. Literally. ? Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky and not everyone works hard to make a living from what was their hobby. Maybe that’s why I try to do my job to the maximum . It is important for me to constantly improve and to be always up to date with new music and open to new trends.

Nowadays, more and more DJs are appearing on the market, more and more people want to sell themselves as disc jockeys because they have a player and can start two music tracks on an amateur level. A DJ that keeps looking down, always have their headphones on their ears and their hands are on the buttons all the time, isn’t good enough for you. An good DJ must be an Open-format DJ. In this way, the number of DJ candidates has already been reduced to 5%. Unfortunately, several professions have to face similar problems. For example photography, where if you buy a professional camera and have a Facebook or Insta-profile , you think you are a photographer and can sell yourself as a photographer. However, this is not so easy.

For example, most amateurs do not have the necessary licence and don’t do their job as professionals. The most important thing in this profession is to entertain guests. This requires a lot of experience and creativity, and these skills need to be used routinely.

You should know what more the can give you for the price they ask for. There are many questions about this: are theymusically qualified? What is the quality of their equipment? Does he have the necessary licenses? For us who work legally with the neccessary licences, it is not good that lot of DJs work off the books without a licence because in many cases they harm the reputation of theprofession. They don’t pay taxes, so they work cheaper. Unfortunately, modern technical developments aren’t cheap and a reliable DJ has to pay taxes too. It’s weird to describe this, but the price doesn’t just include “Music”. The DJ has to pay for technical equipment , an accountant, a lawyer and a marketing specialist too.

I described this so you can see why there are big differences between different providers…

Extra optional services and technical equipment
Besides professionalism and legality, I am constantly developing and expanding my equipment. In my opinion, the good DJ has to work with more than only one DJ deck at an event or wedding. Only one DJ desk used to be enough, but today it’s not suitable for a wedding. To make the great atmosphere, I can also carry the extras, I think of extremely advanced lighting technology, smart lights, bubble blower or original dry- ice. They are all very spectacular and make the decoration special and the atmosphere will be better. Although the music can already provide the good mood, the lights put the icing on the cake. Guests will surely remember the special experience what the professional DJ creates with an unforgettable show, but but thanks to the special light show you will have a unique experience. A professional DJ can help with not only the music service but also with live music sound, civil ceremony / ceremony / music background, dinner / background music in professional quality, creating multiple on-site sound with wireless technology as well. He can create mood lights to match a unique LED decoration that matches the music / event. Moreover, he works in the studio, mixes music (e.g. for dances), makes a slideshow for projector projection and its complete execution. My latest extra service is wireless lighting. At your event or your wedding, I can provide wonderful lighting equipment, mood lighting without cables. I promise there won’t be a cable on the floor, you don’t have to worry about someone falling over a wire , there will not be alot of cables. This new technology is a very modern solution, my customers are fond of it.

On my website you will find detailed information about the extra services.

If I have aroused your interest, enjoy your time reading! Also, if you want to be sure about this DJ-issue, my first post will help you, in which you can read the 10 most important tips on how to choose a DJ  – it can help you understand some things and make the final decision.

Modern & High Quality Event, Corporate Party, Birthday, WEDDING DJ High quality DJ service – please contact me and ask for an offer! Leave nothing to luck! ?

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