Wedding DJ party rethought!

Hajni & Csabi rethought the traditional wedding, said a happy yes on a beautiful fall day, and then had a big party on their Saturday night to get married! The Old Fisherman’s Hotel and Restaurant in Tát was loud with the best music. The Hajni danced and partyed with their friends all night, real crazy company, the best!
I wish you much happiness and many wonderful years! I think we’ll see you again! 🙂

I can only recommend to everyone if you have thought so far do not hesitate because Feri is very professional. We are sure to choose Him when it comes to a party.🙂
We had a frantic party with friends. He was also very careful during the negotiations, prepared for everything and gave ideas on how to make the evening even more uplifting. We knew Him as a direct, kind, and fair man. He used effects to match the decor and mood which created an even bigger atmosphere. We are glad that we chose him and we are waiting for the next party 🙂

Hajni & Csabi

Ajánlott cikkek