This is PartyBus / Party Guard on the Way!

We took a bus! From Buda Hills Down and Up 2 party buses and We, the vigilant guards of the order, supervised Party – Party – Party! PartyBus order – A PartyŐrség our project has already started the 2018 party season! ❗️We tuned together & amp; we partyed at the real party faces❗️ See you again on May 25 in the Optica hall! If you missed it, you can make up for it now! wonderful beach environment is waiting for you! ‼ ️⚓️Save the date: 2018.08.06 – 08.15⚓️‼ ️Info: ☎ Contact us: +36304544950 Many thanks for your Video Szénás Dórá / Dóra Photography Remember, if you’re looking for a reliable and professional disc jockey, whether for a Birthday Party or something completely different, ask for an offer from DJ FEREE at wedding and event from DJ!

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