Panna and the bubble blower adventures

Eighteen years. Just a moment.
Eighteen years. This party will stay with you.

Party with young people

Birthday is only once a year, but 18th is only once in a lifetime! As a DJ for Panna’s 18th birthday, she asked me to give me the better and better birthday party music and make the evening unforgettable. As a separate request a lezer-hazer és Bubble blower no machine could be left out 😉 I managed to choose a very suitable little place in the heart of the city center for my suggestion, where we had a colorful and youthful birthday party! It was a great pleasure for me to be able to celebrate this milestone together 🙂

Fiatalság – Bolondság! 😉 Káprázatos! Egyszerűen IMÁDTAM minden percét!

We celebrated our 18th birthday …
When a young person is influenced by TV shows and the media, they sometimes dream big (too big …). I saw a lot of American birthday parties, I was amazed, I always longed for this kind of birthday! But then I realized that the habits are different at home, it’s not customary to make such a big fuss.
But anyone who knows me knows that I’m making a big fuss about everything. (This means good and bad.)
I dreamed of a big one, with the help of my parents and friends, I had a fairytale 18th birthday party! So far, there’s always been some bad luck on my birthdays, but finally this bad omen is broken! Thanks to Feri for all this, because without him, on the one hand, we would not have found a possible venue, and on the other hand, the party feeling itself would not have been possible! I can only recommend it to everyone and I hope you will be honored at such a future wedding with such a quality service!
U.i .: not to mention that Feri is an extremely kind, friendly, funny person! 🙂


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