Love, Fairytale Dance and Party at Geréby Mansion

In the middle of May we left south-east of Budapest for Lajosmizse, Timi and Peti’s wedding. The venue they chose was the Geréby Mansion, which has long been waiting for us to discover. When we arrived we were greeted by lavish surroundings, a wonderful garden pavilion next to a small pond in the mansion area. Chirping birds, sparkling sunshine, wonderful decorations and nature await us. Not only was it a melodic bird chirping s, but nice horses also greeted us at the entrance to the mansion. We stayed with us a bit, admired them and even put Dora to the test with our four-legged friends. ?

Entering the hotel room, we saw spacious and beautiful interiors. About this a little later…
In a word like 100, we immediately fell in love with the scene, captivated by the endless tranquility, elegant and luxurious buildings and the proximity of nature torn from the crowded concrete jungle.
The ceremony took place in the garden room, which I, now, myself sounded and accompanied by pleasant background music for the perfect moments. We had a unique experience, because it is very important how the ceremony itself will be performed. I needed a super ceremony leader and me, because at this point, the sound system and its quality play a particularly important role. But, the pavilion didn’t just serve as the venue for this important event on the couple’s big day. Their first joint dance was also danced here, albeit already lit by torches, candles and romantic garlands. It was a really special, unique and not everyday idea from Timi, because, we admit it, we don’t see it every day… ☺️ ?
In addition to the romantic moments, we also have plenty of happy and liberated minutes, as the party lasted until 4 p.m. In a ballroom, which had a round table layout, it also had a large dance floor, which I, as a Wedding DJ, filled with members of the wedding crowd in a matter of moments. Needless to say, everyone, from the little ones to the big ones, found songs to suit their own tastes, so as you can see in the video, everyone had a great time. The wedding crowd was 100 people anyway, everyone from teenagers to seniors showed their dancing skills and of course how much, but how happy they were for Tim and Peti! ?
We didn’t do anything differently, thank you very much for being a part of your Big Day! ❤️ ? ?
Congratulations again and good luck for a lifetime!

PLAY WITH LOVE From us, the summary little video of your wedding.


At our wedding on May 5th, DJ Feree handed the soleplate, and you could say we rolled up that particular rug that night! Professional sound system, music mixing, super lights, the atmosphere spoke for itself. From 2-year-olds to 88-year-old grandparents, everyone is rude! It was good to work together from the first minutes. We got what we expected, in fact, maybe a little more! I recommend it to anyone I can 🙂

Bazsa Péter // mr

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