Autumn is here, it’s here again…
That is, another perfect time to party. ?

This time we were thinking of having a huge party with you in a great little place in the middle of downtown! ?
Although the date is November 14th, we still want to conjure up a Halloween vibe around the party, so whoever wants to, don’t hesitate, hide in a costume, scary face paintings, etc., etc. can come. ?

Mood responsible: DJ FEREE, HELLODORI, Márton & Guests
During the night you can go to the best music of today for dance-dancing. We don’t just want to favor the devils of the dance floor on the spot. We are waiting for you even if you just want to have a little chat with your friends in the company of one or two delicious cocktails, as this is also possible in the really pleasant bar.

Location: Marco Polo Top Hostel, Budapest, Nyár utca 6.

This super Hostel has a 150sqm party room where we can party all night and a bar counter so we don’t get thirsty. ?
The party will be private, but you can invite / bring friends with you.

Admission is FREE regardless of age & gender!

Dazzling lights-smoke effects, catchy music, drinks in unfocused quantities, reasonable prices, friends, acquaintances, acquaintances, protected environment, king place. Need more?! ? ? ? ?

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, November 14, 2015 from 8 pm! ?

Ajánlott cikkek