On earth, on water, in the air

We got into the water in mid-June. We played music on a boat called Fina Budapest with a 360-degree panorama Patrick White with my colleague. I met Patrik through one of Hungary’s largest DJ mixes page (as a music director), and since then I have been unbroken at organizing joint parties and playing music together. . Here on the boat we had a super atmosphere corporate party combined with a delicious and special dinner. The composition of the company was also special for us, as the German and French nationals were of great merit! 🙂
The culmination of this party culminated in the ship moving in the meantime. Yes, you read that well, we flew the water of the Danube for 2 hours, back and forth within Pest county. 🙂
At the counter, we both mixed more well-known international music. The dance floor was soon filled, but it was emptied quite “early”, as the party had to be strictly over at midnight. This was because our foreign friends had a very tight schedule during their stay in Budapest, so they had to reappear behind the desk from the early hours of the morning. BUT! According to post-information, it was awfully worth the few hours of partying together and they had a great time!
The mood of the video speaks for itself, it contains the best moments of the party from the first moment of the pack!

Contact Patrik: https://www.facebook.com/patrickwhitehun/

Video in the usual way, repeatedly Dóra (Dóra Movie) I thank you again.

If you also want a good corporate party, I recommend you watch this video and tell your boss or HR at the company right away! Don’t leave your company party to chance, as this is the only time to let go of your tiredness accumulated during the year! Special request a quote here .

Let’s party a lot!

These two people created the medium we always wanted. There was enough warm-up music during dinner, and then we just noticed that the dance floor was full. Everyone was having a great time, so in retrospect we’re sorry the end of the party was fixed in advance, but we weren’t used to that. Due to the fact that the ship had fixed dates, there was no possibility of subsequent extension. Next time, we plan differently if we know in advance that the Feri will get it too. Thank you!


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