DJ FEREE also grounded the atmosphere at the wedding

On the first weekend of September, we were officially at the Hemingway Restaurant in Budapest for Timi & Márk’s wedding.

I met the young party last year. I played music at their corporate event and soon after they visited that they wanted me to be the DJ at their wedding this year. During a face-to-face meeting, we discussed the details and signed the contract.

The venue and decor were also very nice, it is rare to find a place in the middle of the capital that is really suitable for a wedding. However, Hemingway on the shores of Bottomless Lake is just that.
After a delicious dinner and a wonderful opening dance by Timiék, the party started with a retro block where everyone sang the real classics together. At Timi’s wedding, too, I tried to find a common voice with the wedding crowd as soon as possible and we would all have a good party. The professional and thorough organization of Timi & Márk was reflected throughout the Big Day! Special thanks for thinking of me and surprising me with a small gift in addition to the wedding crowd!

I wish you many, many wonderful & love years again! Always be cheerful and very happy!
Thank you for celebrating with you!

In September 2016, on a corporate family day I organized, we first met Feri, where he provided a great atmosphere with his music for a full day. At the time, I had no idea we were meeting again soon! My husband asked for my hand a few weeks later! 🙂
At the start of the wedding, when nothing had been decided yet and we had no idea what it would be like, we said unanimously: we already have our DJ! 🙂
On September 2, 2017, Feri was there with us again and we didn’t have to be disappointed now either! Everyone felt great from the little ones to the big ones, from the young to the old!
My 80-year-old grandfather just said, Well, this is a party! 🙂
Thank You!

Timi & Márk

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