DJ Feree again at Hemingway

The beauty of the wedding lies in the details

DJ Feree // Rendezvény DJ

Once again, DJ Feree spun records at a Lakeside Wedding in the heart of Buda at Hemingway Restaurant

Bogi and Tomi had their wedding thoroughly organized. Not only did they want an unforgettable but carefree wedding, so they chose a restaurant that is already well known and loved by us, with a great offer and of course me as a wedding DJ. We were delighted to learn that the Bogis had also chosen this catering unit as their wedding venue. It is a great choice, it is located in a well-frequented place, it can accommodate a larger army of guests, and it also has a beautiful panorama to receive guests. Another place on our list that we can only talk about in heights. 🙂
At the Tom’s wedding, the ceremony was also on the sunny terrace of the Hemingway Restaurant, where a happy YES was said to each other. To make it all clear, I provided a professional Shure microphone and studio speakers, as I was entrusted with this task as a responsible Wedding DJ. So it was perfect to hear the short but more meaningful ceremony even in the back rows. Our bride (now a happy wife :)) was really prepared for the big day the way she should be. During a longer organization, we covered every detail. He liked my ideas, offers, and my detailed, playful questionnaire, in which we paid attention to every detail. Our joint work went smoothly, we agreed on everything, so we made the big day very spectacular with my spectacular accessories (such as the original dry ice, light, lighting and totem poles, hazer and laser combination). (you can see these in the video)

For the ceremony, he selected different melodies for each block, which I controlled during the swearing-in. This is ALWAYS always recommended to couples to send me music according to the course of the ceremony (or even I can recommend more well-proven more emotional songs to color this important part of the wedding). So, the ceremony was super prepared and gathered.

We sat down excitedly at our table as we knew we would be able to have a fantastic dinner. What a surprise, it turned out that way után After the delicious dinner, the Tomis performed a nicely choreographed opening dance, as in fairy tales, dancing in the clouds also seemed) which was so captivating that the wedding crowd rewarded the young people with their first joint dance. We love working with the dry ice machine because it’s unconscious spectacular and our peers can really feel it in the clouds from it. Since it came easy, the dry ice went easily, so we blew up the party right in the middle of the restaurant right after the opening dance. Worthy of a wedding, the wedding cake arrived later, which she changed into the red set, followed by a bridal dance at midnight. So the party was spiced with a lot of programs, which is very good as the invited guests couldn’t be bored for a minute. After many traditional events, we printed with Bogi until dawn. And… after everyone left the Hemingway restaurant, all of us and an enthusiastic cleaner stayed inside, packed up, and already clearly We locked the doors to the wonderful restaurant at Bottomless Lake.

Thank you Bogi and Tomi for allowing us to visit Hemingway again!
50 years from now, at the same time! 🙂

Professional, friendly, fair!
Already during the negotiations, we were sure that we had made the right decision when we invited Ferit to our wedding as a DJ. We gave a completely free hand to choose the music for the party part, which turned out to be a very good decision 🙂 Everything happened as agreed, we felt great, and the fact that Feri and Dóri brought the maximum even at dawn also contributed to this. We think they really love what they do 🙂
Thanks again !!

Farkas-Venczák Boglárka and Tomi // Husband and wife

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