Big Day of Orsy & Lali at Rozmaring Restaurant

We were waiting for my young comrades on the banks of the Danube, in a beautiful, green, landscaped environment. After a wedding ceremony with a panoramic view designed with special sophistication, we held an elegant and friendly wedding party in a private room designed from the Boathouse. According to their confession, I chose a DJ for the wedding because I can fit in a small place and I can solve the sound and musical background of the civic ceremony in one person (well two :)). It was a special occasion because for the first time we are working with our partner company event photo, who worthily captured every moment of the event 🙂 Thank you Orsy and Lali for being able to be a part of this evening and for being able to party the night together! 🙂 Feel free to play my little summary video 🙂

We had our wedding on 09/09/2017, for which we asked Ferit to be in charge of the mood. He arranged the complete lighting and sound technology, projector projection, and it was a very good decision, we were not disappointed! 😉 Each point turned out the way we planned, and in fact, Feri even surpassed our ideas by creatively complementing the music lists we sent and entertaining us with extra effects. The day was quite varied in terms of programs (ceremony, procession, retreat, bouquet throwing, surprise girl request, dinner, opening dance, parent dance, cake cutting, games, disco until dawn), but we trusted Feri and thanked her for the right style tunes at all times they said. He tirelessly spun the requested retro hits to the great delight of the company. I can only recommend to everyone, we were very satisfied! 🙂
Köszönjük a munkádat! 🙂

Orsy & Lali

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